Fire vs Water

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Ash's POV

"Do you know who's commentating the semifinals?" Lillie asks me. Our walk to Bulu stadium became routine and it was always so peaceful and relaxing.

"I think Gladion and I are doing the battle between Greninja and Charizard," I answer the blonde who's hair always looks perfect. It seems to shine in the morning sun and really highlights how beautiful she is...

"Ash!" My head gets it back together. "What about the battle between Umbreon and Samurott?"

I could feel my face heat up for some reason and I had trouble talking. I can't get sick before the tournament is over. "Kukui and Paul. Then Kukui and I for the finals tomorrow."

"You couldn't get out of commentating," Lillie jokes.

"No," I sigh. "Apparently I'm good at it but based on the laughing after, Kukui was lying."

"At least you get to announce my victory," Lillie cheers.

"Don't get too over confident," I warn. Pikachu started to laugh from her shoulder. "I never said I listen to that advice."

"Hypocrite," Lillie jokes. "By the way I heard Burnet and Kukui talking. Do you remember that news report?"

"The one about the weather stuff I couldn't really follow?" I ask.

"Yep," Lillie sighs. "Apparently it's getting worse and worse but nothing big has happened yet."

"If nothing big has happened because of it, why do you seem so worried?" I question the Alolan native.

"Because what happens if everything collapses at once..."

Delia's POV

"Mimey can you bring me a glass of water please?" I ask my personal maid Pokémon. "It's so hot that all my flowers are wilting instantly."

"Thank you," I say to the psychic type who handed me a cold glass. Everything has gone downhill since Ash left. That includes my sleep, work and even the weather seems to argue with the choice of telling him to give up.

I wish a nice surprise would happen...


The sound echoed off the oak door. I walk over and I see someone I never thought of talking to ever again. He is a well built man but his terrible sense of fashion is now more clear. He looks just like his job description, dark and evil. The dark green jacket with similar pants seemed to make the room cooler. He overshadows the sun and I'm scared out of my mind.

"How was your business trip?" I scowl.

"Terrible thanks to our sons," He smirks while sitting down.

"18 years," I growl. "You left us and took Silver!"

"My bad," He chuckles.

"And you've probably turned him evil you *******!" I continue to rant. "Get out of my house and stick to your plan on taking over the world!"

"No," He smirks.

"Wh-at," I stutter. I wasn't expecting a no.

"You're coming with me," Giovanni states.

"Not a chance!" I yell at him. "You can't make me!"

"Are you sure?" He laughs and brings out a pokeball.

I look at Mimey but I know he can't stand up to any Pokémon the Team Rocket leader releases. "What do you need me for?"

"I need to capture our sons and take over Alola, then the world," He laughs evilly.

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