No Break

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Ash's POV

"Samurott slide on the ice towards a bare spot," I order. He picks one near the middle so the distance between our Pokémon isn't so big.

We both have similar move sets so strategy is the only thing that will secure this battle. It'd be nice if I could pull out a handy hydro vortex right now. But if I can get Samurott an opening that won't be needed anyways. "Samurott use hydro pump to push him away," Brady orders.

"Turn around and take it," I state.

My Samurott gets pushed by the stream of water at a really fast speed. "Make a ramp with ice beam!" I yell.

His mouth opens, glowing brightly and the ice beam zigzags out his mouth. It hits the ground pretty far in front of him before solidifying and building up into the air. He expertly curls the ramp into a loop that will shoot him back towards our target. He stops his move and starts to move up the ramp.

His blue body flies through the loop and back into the clouded sky. "Whatever they do here, use razor shell," Brady commands.

"That won't work," I smirk. "Samurott use sacred sword!" It helps to know people who can teach the move.

His horn glows brightly in the sky and he starts accelerating towards our opponent. The fighting type move easily powers through the razor shell before stabbing the other Samurott. Game over.

Our battle ends and the sun manages to peak through the clouds and soften the ice. The added water on the ice allows Brady and I to meet in the middle. "That was fun," He smiles and shakes my hand. "I knew Samurott could learn that attack but it requires a lot of work doesn't it?"

"It sure does," I chuckle. "But Samurott is a fast learner."

"Well I better get going," He laughs. "I have to catch a flight to Sinnoh."

"Safe travels," I say and he nods.

Two more wins to go...

Professor Kukui's POV

"That sure was exciting," I say to Silver who's trying to safe his voice with a bottle of water. "Tired of talking yet?"

"Never," Silver says muffled by the water in his mouth. "And we still have another battle to go."

"It shou-" I start but then my phone rings. "Excuse me for a second."

I stand up and walk to a corner of the room. "What's up weather person?" I ask.

"I have a name," They groan. "But this is urgent."

"Uh oh," I frown.

"Uh oh is right," She states. "The outer ring of the storm is almost at Ula'Ula Island."

"I noticed the unusual amount of clouds today," I state. "But I figured it was just a small group of rain clouds."

"Nope they're technically part of the storm's system," She informs me. "They don't have any precipitation, at least as far as we know, but the winds will be getting stronger everyday now."

"So what you're saying is that we're running out of time?" I question even though I know the answer.

"Correct," She sighs. "I know that there's a large amount of people camping up on Mount Lanakila for the league. Their tents won't survive a tropical storm."

"That's true," I agree.

"I know that you can't have the semifinals and finals tomorrow since they will most likely take a long time," She states. "So I suggest you have a special under the lights semifinal tonight."

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