The Unique Battles Continue

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Ash's POV

"I guess we should head to Mina's house," Lillie suggests as we walk off the boat for the final time.

"I wonder if we'll have a regular battle for once," I chuckle. "Because we have had everything but that."

"We've barely got to work together to win," Lillie states. "Every battle has forced one on ones."

"That's the only reason the battles were close," I smirk.

"Get cocky before we know what the final battle is," Lillie giggles. "Smart."

"We're about-" I start as we walk up to Minas houseboat.

"It's another one of those square things," Lillie says and pulls it off the door. She pulled off the tape and revealed a pink and purple square with random designs to match the others.

"It has gotta be a puzzle," I state and sit down against the house that was gently bouncing with the waves.

I lay out the three other pieces across the dock and Lillie joins me with the fourth. "Is it some sort of word or phrase?" Lillie guesses while turning the squares in as many combinations as possible.

"I don't think so," I sigh. "The colours don't seem to give any hint of a letter."

"Ash!" Lillie suddenly realizes something and turns the squares quickly.

"The borders match up," I comment. "Almost like it's water around an island."

"That may be right," Lillie says and pulls out her Pokédex. She taps it a few times before bringing up a map of Alola. She zooms in on each island before bringing up Poni island.

"A perfect match," I cheer. "Now what are all the weird colour details within the island

"Looks like they are paths or other features like forests or mountains," Lillie says.

"Lillie I know where we need to go!" I exclaim and point to somewhere around the middle.

"Lillie I know where we need to go!" I exclaim and point to somewhere around the middle

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"It's almost like an X mark," Lillie says. The X is made up of every single colour and it stands out which makes me wonder how we didn't see it earlier.

"Let's go," I say and help Lillie up.

"We have lots of time," Lillie giggles and grabs my hand. "So let's enjoy it."

We slowly walk through the Poni Wilds hand in hand, enjoying each other's company. Lillie's hair flowed gently in the wind as it reflected the sun. How can it always look so perfect?

"Ash!" Lillie yells and I nod. "You dozed off and we are about to get to Ancient Poni Path."

"Sorry," I rub the back of my neck. "I was distracted."

"By what?" Lillie's asks innocently.

"A really cute girl," Ash blushes.

"Where?!" Lillie screams. "Oh you meant me."

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