So Close

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Ash's POV

That laugh.

It seems so familiar, like it was etched in my brain as a child. I turn around to see the ringmaster of this operation, Giovanni...

He stands there with a smug look on his face. "Didn't know if you would make it here son," He smirks.

"I'm not your son," I growl. "Not anymore."

"That hurts," He states, the smirk never leaving his face. "But it doesn't matter since the creature we just summoned is going to rip you guys to shreds."

"What?" I question. "I don't remember seeing anything coming out of the port-"

I feel a light poke in the back of my leg. I freeze and feel the mouse Pokémon on my head turn around. "Pika!" Pikachu exclaims and I take a look as well.

A small cloud like Pokémon is laying on the ground in front of me. It has a galaxy like colour and starry "ears".

I can tell that the summoning process took a lot of its energy away

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I can tell that the summoning process took a lot of its energy away. It seems like a pretty defenceless Pokémon in the first place so why would Giovanni bring it to our world?

I pick it up gently and it opens its eyes a little. "It's going to be alright," I say softly. "But you should hide in my bag for now."

It looks at me curiously with a small sound so with Pikachu's help, we get it in the bag. I look back at Giovanni with my own smirk, "Is that the creature that was supposed to 'destroy' me?" I quote.

"You got lucky Ketchum," Giovanni growls.

"So is that all?" I ask. "Because it's getting closer to my bed time."

"You think this is all fun and games," Giovanni smirks. "But we aren't like any other team you've defeated."

"Your plans went wrong, defence was easily penetrated, and I saved a special Pokémon," I recount. "Doesn't seem like anything special to me."

"If you say so," Giovanni states and brings out a handful of poke balls. "How about we have a battle then? A little father-son bonding time?"

"You're not my father," I state. "But I have no problem with defeating you."

"Let's make this interesting shall we?" He smirks. "Everyone!"

Six flashes of light fly out to form six strong looking Pokémon. "I used to be a gym leader," Giovanni reminds me. "I know how to raise Pokémon."

I examine his Pokémon instead of replying to his pointless taunts. He has the heavy hitting pair of Nidoking and Nidoqueen, his sneaky Persian, a Dugtrio which is moving along the ground curiously. Finally he has a Rhyperior which towers over everyone and an Arcanine that is slowly creeping around the outside of the altar.

"Let's go!" I shout and release my four releasing poke balls and Pikachu.

Infernape, Sceptile, Lucario, and Garchomp stand in front of me protectively. Pikachu is perched on Garchomp's wing while they stare at their opponents. I don't know if the altar is going to survive this battle...

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