An Icy Disaster

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Ash's POV

"Absol," It growls but not in a threatening way.

"Doesn't seeing an Absol mean something?" I ask Lillie.

"I think so but I don't remember," Lillie sighs. "Try your PokeCom."

I take out the small Pokédex-like device and I hold it out to scan the shiny Absol. "Absol the disaster Pokémon. The only thing unlucky about Absol is its appearance. It protects fields and warns people of disaster, so one ought to be grateful for it." The automated voice reads.

"Well I guess that's kind of important," I sweat drop. "Does this mean a disaster is coming today or in awhile?"

"Sol," He nods.

"Today?" I ask and he nods again. "What about in awhile?"

"Sol," He says with the same serious face.

"At least we get some warning," I state.

"There must be a lot of disaster in our future based on how serious Absol looks," Lillie laughs half-heartedly. "Because that's what we need right now."

"I wish we had some of our communicative Pokémon here to help us translate," I sigh.

Suddenly he bashes his horn into the ground like he's trying to get my attention. Then he brushes the ground like he's going to charge. "You want to challenge us?" I ask and receive another nod.

"You sent those Mankey at us didn't you?!" Lillie exclaims. "Is this all a test to see if we can be trusted with something, someone or some other responsibility?"

Absol yet again nods, confirming Lillie's words. "Challenge accepted them," I smile. "Up for it Gallade?"

The bipedal psychic and fighting type steps up and throws his longer blade like arm towards Absol. "Type advantage both ways," I hear Lillie mumble.

"And I have a feeling that Absol being a shiny Pokémon isn't the only thing special about him," I grin wide knowing that I'm getting some good league training here.

The dark type smirks from farther down the narrow path. "Gallade start with a psycho cut."

Cue the confused looks from just about everyone in the area. Gallade sighs like he should be used to my unique commands by now. He charges forward with his now glowing and purple blade.

Absol watches in curiosity and disappointment as Gallade closes in. Just like I wanted...

"Close combat!

Gallade stops using what would've been a useless psychic attack and his two curved blades become a light turquoise colour. Absol's eyes shoot wide open but that's the only reaction he has time for.

Gallade swings his arms across back and forth until Absol loses his grip and goes crashing into the stone wall. He's scratched and bruised from the super effective attack but I know he still has a lot of fight in him.

"That was a pretty good idea Ash," Lillie comments. "Trying out league strategies?"

"Yep, I never go into a battle unprepared," I say proudly.

"I think Pikachu would disagree if he were still here," Lillie giggles. "I think a lot of people and Pokémon would disagree."

I fall over shocked that Lillie doesn't believe me. I can't really be mad though because she does have a point. "You're right," I chuckle while sitting on the ground. "I thought I'd try to change things up, it's a lot more work though."

I hear a loud sigh come from Gallade and Absol smiles a bit. It's cool to see two opponents bond in the middle of an intense battle. I just hope this battle ends with our family growing one Pokémon bigger.

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