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Sun and Moon: Beyond (Sun x Lillie fan-fiction) by TheLoneWanderer17
Sun and Moon: Beyond (Sun x Wanderer
*Pokemon Sun and Moon spoilers are contained in this story. You have been warned.* It's been 3 months now since Sun and Lillie confessed their love for each other, and n...
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Broken Soul [An Aureliashipping Story] by Jayvaughn123
Broken Soul [An Aureliashipping 😍😘AureliaForever😍😘
A very very big shout-out to @MinunAmour for the awesome cover! You're the best! A boy named Ash Ketchum, being bullied in school for being such a 'sore loser'. In his l...
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Pokemon Sun & Moon - You Are My Sun - (Continued) by TheLoneWanderer17
Pokemon Sun & Moon - You Are My Wanderer
(*POKEMON SUN AND MOON SPOILERS*) I find myself wondering about Lillie once again. Ever since she left for the Kanto region, I had wondered about her. Most of all, I won...
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Champion (An Aureliashipping Story) by Jayvaughn123
Champion (An Aureliashipping Story)by 😍😘AureliaForever😍😘
A young boy named Ash Ketchum just finished up his journey through the Alola region, and stayed up a little bit there, until, an invitation letter has arrived, what coul...
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~From Haters, To Lovers: Gladion X Reader~ by QueenOfNekoWriters
~From Haters, To Lovers: Gladion DaydreamingNeko
Okay, I just love Gladion so much. So much, that I had to write a story about him. I hope you enjoy! Description-Gladion and Lillie have just moved in. (y/n) tries to be...
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Moon x Lillie(Yuri) by ifartartistics
Moon x Lillie(Yuri)by ifartartistics
Moon has started on her Pokemon Journey and one of the first people she's met when she first arrived was Lillie. Right away they felt a connection, but will this connect...
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Group chat  by fictational
Group chat by
In which Moon, Sun, Lillie, Gladion, and Hau have a group chat, some against their will. Follow the five as new relationships arise! Takes place around 7 years after th...
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Pokémon Sun and Moon: Return To Alola - (Sun X Lillie Fan-fiction) by TheLoneWanderer17
Pokémon Sun and Moon: Return To Wanderer
*This story contains Pokemon Sun and Moon spoilers. You have been warned.* After just over a year, Lillie finally makes her return. Sound familiar? It's time to revisit...
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Lost Love (Gladion X Reader) (Sequel to 'Lonely Love') by QueenOfNekoWriters
Lost Love (Gladion X Reader) ( DaydreamingNeko
Hey! I'm (y/n)! So much has happened in the past nine months, such as Team Skull disbanding... School getting out... My dad leaving... Oh, and did I mention how differen...
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Forgotten Champion (REWRITE) by RedJump58
Forgotten Champion (REWRITE)by RedJump58
When Ash finishes 2nd in the Kalos league he finally feels like he should confess his feelings but when he gets rejected because he is weak, he is determined to get stro...
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It's called fate Derek Hale and mikaelson LS  by ilovekissrockandroll
It's called fate Derek Hale and MichaelMyersDaughter
Lillie is really grown up now, she left and she doesn't know if she ever wants to go back. But what happens when she gets kidnapped by the alpha pack, who saves her? Wha...
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One's Saving Grace by pearlshipper332
One's Saving Graceby Hunter
Ever since that day, five years ago, Lillie's home life has been hell. Things never go her way, and she has to deal with things that no other teenager should have to dea...
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Sun & Moon: Rebellion (Sun x Lillie Fanfiction) by TheLoneWanderer17
Sun & Moon: Rebellion (Sun x Wanderer
*Heads up, Pokemon Sun & Moon spoilers in this story.* *Another thing: Just in case you're wondering, yes, this is the long-awaited sequel to Beyond, and the next title...
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Pokémon Sun & Moon - Lillie's Return (Fan-fiction) by TheLoneWanderer17
Pokémon Sun & Moon - Lillie's Wanderer
(*Spoilers*) It has been over a year since Sun became the Pokémon Champion of Alola - and since the love of his life, Lillie, left to go to the Kanto region. Now she is...
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My Crush and Me (Gladion x reader story) by TwilightDash7
My Crush and Me (Gladion x TwilightDash7
"Leave Gladion alone!" I leaped onto the creature, and it threw me across the room. I hit a wall, my vision blurring. "(Y/N)!" I heard Gladion and my...
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Adventure in Alola (Male Reader) by whothehellistim
Adventure in Alola (Male Reader)by Tim
(Y/N), a friend of Ash, has joined him on his adventures ever since the two of them met back in the Sinnoh region. He now joins Ash as the two of them adventure through...
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The Wish (A Gladion x Reader Story) by WinterWolf1377
The Wish (A Gladion x Reader Story)by Ōkami Amaterasu
I don't own Pokemon or any of its characters. All of that belongs to Tsunekazu Ishihara and everyone else who actually owns Pokemon. I just made the story which is not a...
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Nathaniel by k00lios
Nathanielby K00lios is K00lios
Book 2 in Kidnapped Series Nathaniel Jaymes Harden (Nate), rich, good looks, and kind at heart. But when the only girl he's ever love weds another man, he decides to see...
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Sister These Days (Gladion x Reader) by Skyla_Choi
Sister These Days (Gladion x вleѕѕ yoυ
(Y/n) is working for team Skull when she arrived in Alola.Until she meets a certain blond hair boy that will change how she acts,talk,and feels...and she just happens to...
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A New Ash Ketchum by HungjuiChiu
A New Ash Ketchumby Hungjui Chiu
After having his trainer's license revoked, Ash decides to go with his family to a new region called Sevestar and live there. Since then he becomes a successful business...
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