Ash, Ajat and Two Other People

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Gary's POV

"This is crazy," I mutter to my research partner for today.

"Think they're here for Ash or one of the other battlers?" Brock jokes.

Someone in the crowd pulls out a big sign with Ash's face taking up the whole board. "I think it's safe to say they're here for Ash," I chuckle. "I can't believe we started our journeys the same day."

"That's a mystery for sure," Brock laughs. "But based on this lab set up and the research you've done so far, I think everything worked out for you as well."

"Figuring out how the world works would be a helpful discovery," I state.

"Speaking of, what is your focus of research?" Brock asks me while taking out a few charts of Pokémon diagrams.

"Anything that relates to battling and training for intense physical competition," I answer. "I haven't lost all my battling roots."

"So you want to test attack power, how Pokémon grow and become more power, etc?" Brock questions and I nod. "I'll give you the health results of the battles I've recorded to help you then. Since stamina and physical endurance is an important factor in Pokémon battling."

"Sweet thanks," I smile. "I want to figure out a way to see if we can simulate battles to at least 90% accuracy. The other ten percent is the incredibly unpredictable trainer down there."

The crowd suddenly erupts into cheers and I can hear Kukui giving the usual speech about the rules. I can't wait to get some prime information when z-moves and mega evolution are allowed.

"Let's see what he has in store for everyone today then," I say and take a seat at the window. The top half of the window is open so all the noise is pouring in, I should have brought ear plugs.

The four battlers release their first Pokémon and I can't say I predicted Ash's choice. "Noctowl," Brock states. "I wonder how he picked him to battle first."

The shiny Pokémon sparkles in the sunlight. His orange, opposes to the normal colour brown, feathers literally glimmer while all the spectators look at him in awe. "When did Ash learn to captivate thousands of people's attention by doing the smallest of things in a certain way?" I question while shaking my head.

"Probably does it completely by accident," Brick laughs. "That's kind of a personality trait of his."

"So you're saying there's strategy in picking a Pokémon with a limited move set?" I ask. "Unless I'm missing something here."

"Let's see," Brock starts pointing out the other Pokémon. "Luke's Growlithe provides an even matchup but Ajat's Pelipper could take him out for Ash. Lorrie's Fletchinder also adds to the flying type battle that should happen. This could be interesting at the very least."

"Now would be the time for Luke to substitute a rock type in," I state. "If that was allowed."

"One rock slide and game over," Brock laughs. "We haven't seen a triple knockout yet now that I think of it."

"What are the chances Ash gets one?" I think out loud.

"Noctowl isn't a powerhouse by any means so pretty slim I think," Brock states. "But I never would have guessed a beginning trainer's Pikachu would defeat my Onix so I've learned to not hold my breath on anything."

"Listen," I say and I turn up the volume on the live television. "They're all talking to each other but no ones attacking."

"From their facial expressions it seems almost as if they're joking around about something," Brock walks over to see the tv as well.

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