Another One

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Ash's POV

After a few hours of relaxing as a group it's time for my battle in Fini stadium. I'm pretty sure every seat is filled in the stadium, and it's only the second round...

My opponent Draxen stands across the normal battlefield with his violet eyes staring me down. His white shirt, black and green jacket, and jeans are flapping gently in the breeze with his black hair. Draxen has a small smirk on his face but I don't think it's much of a cocky one.

We're going to have to wait a few moments before this battle is ready to begin.

I look up at Kukui confused because Draxen and I are ready so what's the problem. But that's when the field starts to rumble and the battlefield completely sinks down below. And after a few moments a new battlefield arises.

It's nothing crazy compared to what the field designers in Kalos were throwing at us. But it will be different for sure since it's something that wasn't put into the training floor.

The field is basically a standard floor with big metal boxes all over. The silver boxes shimmer in the sunlight and I have some questions about them. But I guess I'll have to figure the answers out during the battle.

"Porygon-Z get'em," Draxen says once the field clicks in place.

"Haven't battles much of these," I mutter. "But I know we can win this, Vanillite time to make your debut so I choose you!"

Look at me rhyming.

Porygon-Z is an interesting looking Pokémon with its disconnected pink head and swirly eyes that float above its three limb blue and pink body. I also remember that it's a normal type so I don't know how much type will affect this battle.

The small ice cream Pokémon is tough no doubt for its size. I can see small flakes rolling off its white creamy head. She's ready to go.

"Use zap cannon," Draxen orders an electric type attack.

"Dodge and use icicle spear," I order.

The events unfold as expected, the low accuracy attack misses and Vanillite easily dodges the yellow ball of electricity. She then calls out to the sky and suddenly porygon-Z is hovering all over to avoid the skull crushing pieces of ice.

Huge icicles pour onto the battlefield, some of the metal cubes are denting or cracking from the power. Portgon is fast but having to wind through the boxes eventually causes it to take a hard hit.

It gets up pretty quickly but damage was definitely done. "Time to change things up then, conversion 2."

"What?" I question but Porygon glows until gaining a faint red aura.

Porygon-Z has transformed into a fire type. Let's see how Ash can get past Vanillite's main attacks weakening.

"Good thing we trained for something like this," I smirk. "Water pulse!"

"That thing can use water type attacks!" He exclaims. "Porygon get behind a box."

The two were in a small channel between two big boxes so Vanillite had one direction to fire. Porygon-Z gets around the corner just in time to avoid the attack. Water splashes a farther box and Vanillite chases down the other Pokémon through the battlefield.

"Conversion 2!" Draxen yells. "Quick."

"Not without a water pulse!" I shout back.

While Porygon-Z starts to change types Vanillite nails it with a sphere of water. "Now that it's wet use blizzard to freeze it."

The not at all innocent ice type smiles mischievously and unloads a powerful gust of snow and ice. It's kind of cool to see the controlled gust of wind fly through the alleyways created by the boxes in a white blur.

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