Shipping and Battling

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Gladion's POV

"If anyone can beat this whale it's Greninja," I state as the water field I've gotten used to seeing every time Wailord battles.

"I don't know," Dawn sighs. "Wailord is too op."

"And the battle is underway!" I announce. "Hau don't blow this!"

"Ahem," Dawn pretended to clear her throat. "Picking favourites now are we."

"Who cares?" I laugh. "I'm not the only one."

"You probably are," Dawn says.

Paul's POV

"Go Samurott!" Moon cheers. "The cutest always wins."

"You've been saying that the last few battles and everyone you pick loses," I smirk.

"Because their opponents cheated," Moon argues.

"Surrrrre," I tease.

"Did you see that razor shell from Samurott?" Moon cheers. "Hit Bastidon right across the face."

The small mounds of stone really weren't helping Bastidon out. Samurott is obviously more agile and can crouch down faster to dodge any attack Bastidon tries to land.

"Bastidon try a metal burst!" Marty yells. The small metal orbs disengaged from his shield like head and charged toward the water type.

"Run around the hills until they all collide with them," Brady orders.

"Stop him with iron head!" Marty smirks. The two Pokémon were on a crash course for each other and Samurott was going to get caught in the middle of the two steel type moves.

"Superpower," Brady smirks. A weird steam effect came off of Samurott's body as his head was tilted down. Bastidon made the final lunge but that was proven to be a mistake. Samurott used his armoured head and with a little help from the laws of physics he flipped Bastidon hard into the ground.

"That probably hurt," I cringe but then the metal burst hit Bastidon too. "So did that."

"Yesssss!" Moon cheered but the battle isn't over yet. The shield Pokémon climbed to his feet but a smirking Samurott was right in his face.

"Razor shell," Brady smirks. The formidable Pokémon's horn glowed bright blue and with one slash the battle was over.

"Good try Bastidon," I try to comfort because Moon is about to go crazy for Samurott.

"Let's go, let's go, let's go," Moon cheers while dancing around the room. "Samurott and Brady are going to win it all."

"You know they go against Lillie in the semifinals now," I state.

"Oh," Moon froze mid dance.

"You're such a strange girl," I sigh.

"But you love me," She smiles.

"Sadly," I sigh.

Professor Kukui's POV

"Pick up the phone already," I sigh as it has been ringing for a solid minute. "He is definitely not picking it up on purpose."

"I'm sure he is rushing to get it," My wife jokes.

"He is su- Hello," I sweat drop as Nanu answers the phone.

"What am I?" He asks in his usual bored tone.

"Not important," I laugh. "But I do have an important request for you."

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