New Faces and Old Faces

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Gladion's POV

"Greninja is unable to accept defeat," I announce as he gets right back up from the brave bird.

"I think Swellow thought he won," Dawn laughs.

"He didn't see that ice beam though," I say as Swellow turns into a block of ice that was headed towards the wall.

"That's going to hurt tomorrow," Dawn cringes as the wall stopped Swellow from going any farther. "Actually it probably already hurts."

"And that wraps up the first round," I announce.

Lillie's POV

"The others should be here soon," I say as Bonnie and I stand around the training level.

"Kukui said he's bringing dinner for all the competitors and Pokémon," Ash says as he enters the floor. "I wan- aahhhh."

Electricity engulfed the poor boy and a smirking Pikachu was standing nearby. "Mel," Meloetta laughed. It's nice to see her becoming more carefree.

"What did he do this time Pikachu?" I giggle.

"I only said the truth," Ash argues.

"Pikaaa," He said and released another thunderbolt. Pikachu huffed and ran off with Umbreon.

"You're such an idiot," I sigh.

"I try," He gives me a goofy smile. "Have you seem Paul or Moon?"

"Nope," I reply. "My brother still hasn't showed up with Dawn either."

"Well, want to go around and talk with competitors," Ash suggests.

"Sure," I smile and we head toward a little girl who was with a guy about our age.

"I can't believe you got his Charizard," The guy laughs as he examines the flying lizard.

"I'm surprised he listens," She giggles while sitting on top of Charizard.

"Charla would be proud of you for handling this tournament," Ash laughs as we walk up. Charizard gives a warning glare and Ash stops his teasing.

"I'm Lillie," I greeted. "And you know who this is." I point to Ash who was trying to calm Charizard down.

"I'm Kyred," The guy with black hair with a few white streaks said as he shook my hand. "And this is Sydney my incredibly scary little sister."

"I'm not scary!" She pouts. "I'm ador-able." Bonnie is going to like this girl.

"You battled well," Ash complimented the 10 year old. "Have you practiced?"

"Yep," She smiles. "I get my own Pokémon soon but I use my brothers to battle against him."

"Are you entering the Alola league?" I ask Kyred who was probably about our age.

"Yep," He smiles. "I may not have my own tournament but hopefully I can go far."

Ash blushed in embarrassment, "It's not that big of a deal."

"Hey guys," A running Emily comes toward us. "We would have been here faster if Royce wasn't so slow."

"You were the one-" Royce stopped after a glare from the odd girl. "You're mean."

"You put a ring on it," She laughs at him.

"So how was your vacation around Akala?" I ask Emily while the three boys talk probably about battling.

"Good and we have decided to let Bonnie plan our wedding," Emily says.

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