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Ash's POV

"I don't think I've ever been this at peace on day one of a league," I say to Lillie who's sitting across from me.

"You've never had anyone to slow you down," She winks.

We're enjoying a nice quiet breakfast before a not so quiet day. Since our room is on the luxury level we get access to the private restaurant. And they definitely know how to cook.

Black walls fill in the spaces that the floor to ceiling windows don't take up. A thick white stripe along with a thinner gold one finish off the luxury look. The tables are made of some sort of white stone with comfy black chairs to sit on.

"I got to save my energy do I can learn how to battle royale quickly," I chuckle. "We should have stopped by Royal Avenue while we were going through Akala Island."

"I don't know how we missed it," Lillie sighs. "Oops."

"I love a new challenge," I cheer. "Professor Kukui said something about it being scored differently than the actual Battle Royales that take place."

"He hasn't told me anything," Lillie states and looks down at her plate suspiciously.

"You wouldn't lie to me right?" I smirk.

"Nope," I can start to see her lips curl.

"Never?" I continue while trying not to laugh.

"Nuh uh," She bites her lip. "Okay I may know some stuff."

"Great," I smile.

"But I'm not going to tell you," She sticks out her tongue.

I frown jokingly and continue eating. "Hey love Pidoves!" Bonnie shouts by the front entrance.

"The matchups are out," The slightly younger Sydney joins her."

"Sorry," Kyred apologizes to all the staring people. "You two..." He shakes his head.

"We should get going," Lillie giggles.

"You're right," I join her and we make our way down to the Pokémon Center.

Most of our group is already down there waiting for the area to clear so we can see the whole board. I don't see Lusamine, Meyer who showed up late last night, the good Professor Oak, or the Kukui's so they must already be off to either the private box Professor Kukui got for them or at the Fini commentating booth with him.

Silver must be in the Bulu commentating booth since he's not here either. "Paul you should get going," Moon suggests.

"Your commentating with me remember," Paul sighs thinking she forgot already.

"Nope," She smiles. "I'm battling in the league remember."

Paul's eyes widen because he forgot a pretty crucial piece of information. "How did you forget that?" Gary laughs.

"She sounded so into commentating that I didn't think about it," Paul sighs heavily.

"Bye babe," Moon giggles as Paul mopes his way out the door.

"Whipped!" Gary calls out to him. Paul glares back and the glass doors shut, blocking any comeback from the purple haired guy.

"Nice one," Mallow giggles. "But he has a girlfriend and you don't so who's the real winner?"

Gary sulks his way to the nearest corner and slumps down to the ground. "Mallow you're fitting in great," Moon smiles and high fives the trial captain.

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