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Ash's POV

"This food is amazing," I said as I devoured thirds.

"Thanks," A green haired girl came over. She had two pigtails extending sideways. She had short overalls and a pink shirt underneath. "I'm Mallow a part time cook and full time trial captain."

She looked younger than me, "Once your done with me you'll go to her trial," Kiawe said coming over.

"Cool I can't wait to beat both of you," I chuckled while finishing my food.

"We'll see," Mallow smirked.

"Did you see his Greninja?" Kiawe said. "I could feel the pure power that emitted."

"No why? Other than your weird power feeling," Mallow asked.

"He can transform but not like the mega evolution we were taught about," Kiawe explained like a fanboy.

"It's the Bond Phenomenon," Bonnie added. "Basically Ash and Greninja are special."

"I can't wait to see him destroy Kiawe," Mallow laughed.

"I'm actually going to give one of my other Pokémon a try," I say. "Is it one on one?"

"Yep but the totem doesn't use help Pokémon," Kiawe answered.

"She has a small child and doesn't like to see little Pokémon get hurt," Mallow explained.

"Let's get this thing started then," I say and jump up. I let Zorua on my shoulder and ran to one side of the battlefield.

Kiawe made his way across from me. The crowd started forming and I winked at Lillie who was at the front. "Totem Marowak I need your assistance." Kiawe yelled. Zorua versus a ground type should be an even battle. There was a giant campfire and a black Marowak came from behind it. It held a bone with green fire on both ends.

I take out my Pokédex to see what happened to the normal Marowak. The rich greenery of the Alola region is hard on Marowak. It controls fire to stay alive. When it beats opponents with its bone, the cursed flames spread to them. No amount of water will stop those flames from burning. What a weird entry. It's a ghost and fire type so Zorua will be even more effective.

"I choose you Zorua," I let her run along my outstretched arm and jumped off into the battle.

"Don't worry Marowak, she's a strong one," I tried to assure the mother. She nodded and got ready for a command.

"Boomerang," Kiawe ordered.

"Dodge," I called out. Zorua jumped over the bone from Marowak. I smirked but then realized the moves name. "Zorua!"

Zorua looked back and got the bone to her face. "My bad." She got up and rolled her eyes at me. "Get in there with fury swipes."

Zorua ran up and lunges at Marowak. "Defend with brick break." Zorua managed to get around the attack and slashed her in the face. It didn't seem to effect her though. Oops. Zorua turned around for round two but was then hit by the super effective attack.

"Hang in there girl," I yell. "Shadow ball."

"Dodge with flamewheel and then attack," Kiawe ordered. The black and blue fox shot the attack at Marowak but the now fire covered Marowak dodged it. That attack could finish the battle.

"Fake tears," I command hoping it can stop Marowak. Zorua mustered up the cutest face she could and then collapsed dramatically while falling. Am I abusing the situation?

Marowak stopped right in front of Zorua but was still spinning. "Marowak finish the battle." Kiawe said. She still wasn't moving.

"Zorua dark pulse," I said quickly. Zorua must've been ready because she fired the attack before Marowak realized what happened. "This battle isn't over yet."

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