How Hard Can a Trial Be?

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Ash's POV

"Hurry up guys," I said to Lillie and Bonnie. I can see Verdant Cavern now and I can't wait to win my first trial. I start running faster so I can start earlier.

"Wait up Ash," I heard Lillie yell. I turn around to reply but..smack.

"Oww," I look at the brown haired person in front of me.

"Ajat?" I asked. I forgot he's a trial goer too.

"This is why you guys shouldn't run." Hannah came over and lectured us.

"She's right," Lillie said as she and Bonnie got to us.

"Let's just go in," I mumbled and started walking into the forested area.

"Hello anyone here?" Ajat yelled.

"Welcome to the Verdant Cavern trial." A pink haired guy came out from around the corner. "Ilima." He said as he shook our hands.

"I'm Ash Ketchum and I'm here to challenge this trial." I said.

"And I'm Ajat also here to challenge this trial," Ajat followed.

"Two at the same time," Ilima put his hand on his chin. "I have an idea."

"Will it be a problem because these two definitely cant wait any longer." Bonnie said laughing a little. We gave her a stare. "It's true."

"You guys know about trials right and how they work?" We nodded. "The challenge will be a competition then."

"Whoever finishes the challenge first can battle the totem and I first." Ilima finished.

"Will the second person have to wait for the totem to heal?" Hannah asked.

"If Ash goes first Ajat won't have to wait for it to heal." Lillie teased with her tongue out. That was uncalled for but I couldn't stop from laughing a bit.

Ilima laughed. "There is two totem Pokémon so that won't be a problem."

"The challenge will be to catch two Alolan Rattata with the help of three Pokémon. But no attacks may be used and you need to catch them with these cages." Ilima said and handed Ajat and I a cage.

"You also have to stay within the cavern." How hard can this be? "Ladies you can come with me to observe."

"Lillie can you take Pikachu for me?" I asked as Pikachu started charging electricity. "Sorry Pikachu."

"Sure Ash," Pikachu ran up on Lillie's shoulder. I have a feeling he's going to stay there for awhile.

"Good luck guys," Hannah said and followed Ilima up to a building in the wall.

"Ready Ajat?" I asked as I let out Rattata, Zorua and Litten. He nodded and let out his shiny bagon, sneasel and a charmander. "Cool Pokémon."

"Thanks," and then he ran off.

"Zorua," My shiny Zorua whimpered.

"Lillie's watching so let's make her proud," I assured as I pet her. She got a look of determination and I could tell she wanted to do this.

Bonnie's POV

I could see Ash explaining the challenge when we got up to the top. There was a big glass window we could look out of and see the whole cavern.

"Ash should probably start moving," I said to everyone.

"Maybe he's thinking of a plan," Ilima suggested.

All three of us and Pikachu laughed. "I haven't known Ash long but I'm pretty sure he just jumps into things." Hannah said.

"I'm sure your over exaggerating," Ilima sighed.

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