It's About Time

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Ash's POV

We fly through the night sky that's filled with soft snowflakes. I don't like to keep people waiting so she goes at full speed towards the stadium. The crowd starts to notice us diving in and immediately the cheers start.

I make eye contact with Gladion who looked surprised for a second before smirking. "Ready girl?" I ask my Pokémon and she coos happily.

Her aerodynamic red and white figure flies effortlessly into the battlefield after dropping me off. "I'm not getting kicked out by a legendary Pokémon!" I yell over the noise at Gladion. "Not again at least."

"You're talking too much to let me do that!" He yells back.

"Ok then," I smirk. "Aerial ace Latias!"

She kicks it into high gear and flies towards Silvally. The air can be seen rushing out of her way and the remaining trees move like they're experiencing a hurricane.


Silvally charges up the electric type attack and prepares to strike back with his long horns. They hit each other and the electricity can be seen transferring into Latias but barely causing any damage. She flies effortlessly right through and loops around for round two.

"What?!" Gladion exclaims as Silvally is nailed again by Latias. "I know it's a legendary Pokémon but still."

The Eon Pokémon flies back over here and I respond, "Psychic and dragon types are cool."

"Crap," Gladion sighs. "I thought a Pokémon that can fly like an airplane would be a flying type."

"You thought wrong," I smirk. "Psychic and slam him into the ground."

Gladion watches helplessly while Silvally is lifted into the air and smashes into the ground. Latias's eyes are bright blue while she keeps him against the dusty ground. "Let up and finish with mist ball!" I yell hoping that it's finally time I don't end a league with a loss.

The struggling legendary Pokémon takes its time getting up while Latias' mouth has a growing sphere of psychic energy. "Use crunch to eat the attack!"

Silvally doesn't react as the light blue ball of energy flies towards it. It gets close and closer but then his jaws open and the attack hits him square in the face. Dust from the attack flies up and hides the electric type from view.

And we wait...

I smile confidently and Latias is already doing a few victory loops in the air. Guess who didn't choke this ti-.

"Silllvv!" It growls and appears on four legs. His face is glowing with determination and raw power ready to be exerted. Uh oh.

"We didn't come here to lose," Gladion smirks. "Crush claw."

Silvally runs at Latias with speeds I haven't seen him move at yet. He jumps at my stunned psychic type, is this how it ends?


"Take him for a ride!"

Silvally hits Latias but then she grabs him with her strong and usually ignored arms. Then she takes off high into the night sky, so high I end up losing them in the falling snow that's finally starting to stay on the ground instead of melting instantly.

Eventually Latias flies back down but with so much downward velocity that there's flames forming in front of her. Maybe the snow on the ground will cool Silvally off.

At the last moment she lets go and Silvally  disappears in the ground...

I wait for some unreal miracle to occur where he climbs out and one shots Latias with some technically ineffective move.

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