2 for 1

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Lillie's POV

"Wela Volcano looks so much bigger up close," I said as we approached the base of the volcano.

"Do we have to climb it for the trial?" Bonnie asked.

"Probably," Ash replied. I notice a large tent where a lot of people were standing under. Something must be going on.

"Looks like our last two competitors have arrived," I heard Sarah announce as we walked up to the tent.

"What do you mean?" Ash asks as we get there.

"For the fire trial and Kali'o festival, 8 pairs will compete in the Kali'o festival," Sarah explained. "If you win, the festival competitor gets the flower while the trial goer battles Kiawe the captain with their teammate."

"Bonnie do you want to be partners?" Ash asked the girl.

"Sure and we're going to win," Bonnie said confidently.

"Once you have a partner come to the start line," Sarah said and walked over to an alternate path up. "Spectators can go up the normal path while the competitors will go up an alternate route for the challenge round."

I took Star, Squishy and Dedenne from Bonnie because she isn't going to use them. I already had Pikachu and Zorua while one egg was in my bag and the other I was holding. "You get one Pokemon," Sarah said. Bonnie released Geodude and Ash let out Ponyta.

I watched everyone line up, "Go!" Sarah screamed and they started running up the slope.

"Good luck," I mumbled. Wait is that Moon up there?

Ash's POV

"Be prepared guys it's got to get harder at some point," I warned as we held the lead.

"Aren't you smart," I hear Moon say as she closed in on us.

"Why are you here?" Bonnie asked. "You never told us anything about trials."

"I've decided to take part in trials now," Moon answered. "Olivia is my partner."

I look back and see the brunette trying to keep up. "Ajat and Hannah are back there too," I observed.

"This just got more competitive," Bonnie said and we started running faster. I can hear something heavy almost like it's rolling. I look ahead and there was a horde of Golem coming down.

"Get ready to jump," I say as Bonnie picked up Geodude. We jumped over but realized there were more coming our way.

"Geodude I have an idea but only if your as crazy as me," Bonnie says. He nods and I pick him up having a feeling what the plan is. "Remember dig down so you don't get blasted away."

I throw Geodude up ahead and we run as fast as we could and crouched begins him. Three or four Golems came our way and hopped over us. They were hitting Geodude and getting air allowing us to now proceed safely.

"Let's go!" I yell happy and we run to the next part with a nice lead.

"It's a cave," Bonnie pointed out. I shrug and lead us in. With Ponyta's fire we were able to see a fork in the cave.

"Now what do we do?" I asked not expecting an answer.

"Geo," Geodude pointed to the left path.

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