Book Update

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Thanks for reading this far first of all.

Second of all I need a ship for Moon, I already have got suggestions but I want to see who else you guys can think of. It's a great way to get a character you want to see in the story.

Third of all if you are worried about Ash not catching Pokémon I have news. I need Ash to have at least 28 new Pokémon that can rival his old ones.

Fourth of all I decided to have Team Skull, Team Rhythm and a mystery team as the bad guys.
Team Rhythm was suggested by @shogunlordpoke. I like meloetta so it was instantly a favourite of mine.

Fifth of all I made an arc chart which is below. Spoiler Alert but not major.

Kind of messy but I was on a bus so yea

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Kind of messy but I was on a bus so yea.


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