Rocks are Hard

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Ash's POV

A Nosepass huh. We're going to have to hit it a lot, a good challenge for Riolu. "Try to get in there with a force palm," I commanded hoping to get a head start.

Riolu ran up with his arms trailing behind. "Nosepass stop him with spark," Olivia commanded. Not starting with a rock type move, what else does she have up her sleeve.

"Dodge and keep going Riolu." Riolu used his small figure to move to the side around the shocks of electricity. Time stopped as Riolu held his hand against Nosepass and started exerting pressure out of his hand. Suddenly Riolu finished the attack but Nosepass was pushed back only slightly by the super effective attack.

"Awesome now try an aura sphere," I commanded. Riolu tried to form the aura sphere but he couldn't get it as big as usual. He sent it anyways and Nosepass just took the hit.

"Nosepass use rock slide," Olivia shouted. The rocks started forming in the sky before crashing down on the battlefield.

"Run towards Nosepass." Riolu nodded and managed to only get hit by a few rocks on his way there. The rocks in the sky followed Riolu until they started forming over both of them.

"Thunder wave." Nosepass glowed yellow and then the electric current paralyzed Riolu. The rocks continued to fall and neither of them could escape.

"I forfeit Riolu," I announce and I run over to the pile. Pikachu used iron tail to move the rocks and I could see Riolu laying on the ground.


"You did great for something who just hatched recently," I praised and picked up the Emanation Pokemon. The pile started rumbling so I jumped off and handed Riolu to Lillie. The rumbling was just the slightly hurt Nosepass escaping the rocks.

"Pikachu I choose you," I shouted as the rodent was already there. "Maybe I should just let you pink what Pokémon to use." Pikachu nodded and laughed.

"Rock slide," Olivia commanded. I watched the rocks start to form, wait I can beat this.

"Pikachu use rock climb," I shouted. I could see a lot of confused faces but it's about time I use a strategy in more then one region. Pikachu smirked and charged an iron tail. He jumped and by swinging his tail against the falling rocks he was able to climb over the attack. "Now come down with an iron tail."

That was it for Nosepass as Pikachu delivered the super effective attack to the rock Pokémon's head. "That was amazing Ash," Olivia complimented. "I haven't seen that before."

"It wasn't bad," I joked as Pikachu sparked his cheeks.

"Time to rock and roll Boldore," Olivia yelled as she let out the dark blue rock Pokémon. It's red gems glowed and he looked ready to battle. "Use rock blast."

Boldore shot multiple medium sized rocks at Pikachu. "Hit then right back with iron tail." Pikachu used the flat side of his tail to send the rocks right back. It may not have done much damage but it was damage Pikachu didn't take.

"Pikachu try a volt tackle," I order hoping he remembers the move. Turns out he does as he began to get covered in electricity. A black outline showed that Pikachu was starting to run at Boldore you still hasn't been commanded to attack.

"Headbutt." Boldore hardened his head just in time to meet Pikachu head on. The collision knocked them both back but the battle isn't over yet. "Mud slap."

Pikachu wasn't ready to dodge as the clump of mud covered his eyes. She tried shaking it off but kept scratching his eyes. "Just close your eyes." Pikachu followed and now I'm battling with a Pokémon that can't see.

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