Don't Screw Up

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Lillie's POV

"Welcome back to day two of the Flower Ceremony!" Sarah announces from the pitch black stage. "Today we will get to watch the sixteen remaining competitors show off their Pokémon in two separate appeals."

"Our judges, Lorelei, Lusamine and Kahili can give up to ten points for each appeal."

"Only four will move on to tomorrow!"

"Competitors can only use one Pokémon for the first round."

"Let's get started!"

Roberto is first and he looks confident as always. Who wouldn't be after sweeping the first round though. "His Dartrix evolved," Kukui states. "He's now a Decidueye."

"He sure had a growth spurt," Ajat chuckles at the taller, more mysterious bird Pokémon.

Decidueye's long brown wings look like some sort of coat to hide the green and white feathers underneath. One white feather sticks up above the green feathered Pokémon as well. His deep orange eyes pierce into the crowd as it waits to begin.

"Ominous wind."

The human sized owl spreads his wings wide open before closing them quickly. The downward pressure shot the ghostly gust straight out in front of us. The purple particle filled wind is like a curtain, shielding our view.

It slowly settles but Decidueye is nowhere to be seen. "Not good to stay hidden for long during an appeal," I say.

"Especially with a time limit," Ash adds.

A greyish shadow rises up from the stage with two gleaming red eyes. Decidueye pops out and flies quickly over the crowd, with a black trail following him. "Time to wrap this up!" Roberto shouts.

"Shoot up multiple energy balls!"

The Alola native grass type opens his beak and bright green energy starts to form a spherical shape. He releases them rapidly into the sky, high enough to keep about ten of them in the air.

"Spirit shackle!"

Decidueye reaches behind him and uses his wings as a bow. The ghostly arrows streak through the sky until coming in contact with one of the glowing energy balls. The collisions make the balls explode into a mix of greens, greys and purples.

"Would have looked a lot better at night," Dawn states.

"Might have lasted longer too," Gladion adds as the colours disappear into the blue sky.

"And that's time!" Sarah announces. "Let's hear the judges opinions."

"Wrong time of day," Lorelei shrugs. "Very well put together though, 8."

"I really liked how you were able to showcase all of Decidueye's characteristics very well in such a short timeframe," Kahili smiles approvingly. "You deserve a 9."

"Mystery and beauty," My mother says. "A combination you seem to have perfected, 9."

"Roberto finishes with a 26!" Sarah announces. "The bar has been raised and it's not low."

"Well," I sigh. "Not a good start for the girl's chances."

"They'll do just as well," Brock states. "I think it'll come down to the final round of appeals."

"They are all near the end too," Dawn says. "So they have the advantage of getting to know what score they need to get."

The next appeal starts but I kind of zone out and didn't hear her name. "Ash why do you keep looking all over the sky?" I ask.

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