The Storm?

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Ash's POV

I feel my eyes start to pry open while my brain sends hundreds of signals to stop. "No stay asleep," I groan while turning to my side.

My brain loses the battle and as soon as I open my eyes, I get blinded by light. I sit up against the bed rest while rubbing my eyes, trying occasionally to get used to the light. "Make it stop," I plead.

"What's wrong Ash?" The sleeping beauty beside me asks while getting up. She opens her eyes and immediately covers them to save her eyesight. "We must've left the blinds open. I now know how bright the Alolan sun really is."

I drag myself out of bed and squint my way to the window. I try to look out the window to see the scenery but all I see is the colour white. "Lillie I think I'm blind, I can't see anything but whiteness."

"What?" The blonde starts to giggle.

"Seriously," I state while continuing to squint at the outside world.

Lillie sighs amusingly and walks over with a hand in front of her eyes. She takes a look outside and her eyes widen. "What's going on?" She mutters before realizing something. "Ash we need to get downstairs!"

Lillie grabs my hand and pulls me out of our room and down the stairs. My eyes finally begin to adjust to the light and I'm not going blind. The outside world really is white now...

Lillie opens the back door and the snow is already piled up to about mid-shin. A powerful gust of chilling wind comes through and Lillie quickly closes the door. "I'm so confused," Lillie states after a moment of silence. "This isn't the storm is it?"

"I thought it was supposed to be a hurricane and last a few days," I shrug. "Plus wouldn't the weather people have been able to pick up that it was snow coming, not rain. That's a pretty big mistake."

"Alolan's weather station probably isn't made to detect snow," Lillie states. "But the league schedule was rushed for this storm, but I don't think it was for an overnight a foot of snow."

"It's not snowing anymore so maybe it was just a weird fluke on the outside of the actual storm," I state.

Lillie looks at me deep in thought before nodding. "We should go check on the Pokémon," She suggests and I nod.

We're already dressed but we find warmer clothes to put on over top of them. I found a dark blue winter coat to wear and Lillie found a complete new outfit to wear.

 I found a dark blue winter coat to wear and Lillie found a complete new outfit to wear

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"You went all out," I chuckle and wrap an arm around her.

"When I was younger my mother told me to always keep a warm set of clothes with me," She says. "Turns out her advice came in handy for once."

"Well it looks great," I smile and she leans into me as we start walking outside.

"Where are they all?" Lillie questions.

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