Two Dawns

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Lillie's POV

"Camping was better than I thought," I comment as we pack up the campsite.

"I told you," Ash laughs as he starts returning Pokémon.

"I wish we could just stay here forever," I sigh as I look at the beautiful surroundings. When Ash and I get married we should build a house here. Too soon?

"We could but we have places to be," Ash said while he looked over the valley with me. "Look you can see the people going up the lift."

"There's so many people," I mutter. "Am I in over my head?"

"Of course not," Ash smiles. "I have a bet with Gladion that you're going to win."

"So he doesn't believe in me," I smirk. "I can't wait to show him." I smack my hands together.

"Umbre," My eeveelution cheered. I kind of hope I get her as my partner.

"Pika," The electric mouse have a cheer from the ground. Him and Umbreon are standing kind of close together. I thought him and ketchup had a thing though?

"Zorua," The fox rolled her eyes from my shoulder. Maybe she noticed too.

"Where have you two been the last few days?" Ash questioned. Both of their faces turned a shade of red and they turned away. "Okayyy."

"We should get going," I suggest. "The opening ceremony is tonight and I want to get settled in first."

"Good idea," Ash said and he turned to Charizard. "Ready?" Charizard growled and shot a flamethrower at Ash's head. "I'll take that as a yes."

I giggled at their friendship and we managed to all get on the fire breathing dragon they give to ten year olds. "Charizard go to the bottom of the lift," I command. Ash looked back eyebrow raised. "I want to try it out and apparently you can find a rare stone on the path after."

"Cool let's find it," Ash said. "It might be the one he's looking for." I never did think of that, "he" wanted a special stone that we didn't know where to get.

Charizard gracefully landed near the bottom of the lift. We must have caused a scene because everyone who was waiting in line was staring at us. "Let's go," I cheer and we get in line.

"We're next," Ash says after a while of waiting on line. We watched the lift come back down. "What did the report say the stones looked like?"

"Apparently a bunch of meteors have fallen and hit Mount Lanakila," I recounted. "And turquoise stones have been found within the area of the crash sites."

"It probably is the one he wants then," Ash says and we get on the yellow structure. It started moving and we quickly scaled most of the mountain.

We got off and followed the well marked path towards New Tapu Village. "We should turn here," I suggest and we walk off onto a more rugged pathway.

"Kirlia come on out," Ash yelled. The Ralts evolution came out and gave a twirl. "Apparently there are dawn stones around here."

"Then you can evolve into Gallade like you wanted," I inform the emotion Pokemon.

We walked pretty far but no sign of a dawn stone. "Maybe they've all been found," I sigh sadly as we go through the rubble of another meteor crater.

"Kirl," He said while focusing hard. "Lia!" He ran over a few large rocks and disappeared behind them. Ash ran after him and climbed the rocks with ease.

"I better stay and watch you guys," I say to the remaining three Pokémon and continue to look around.

Ash's POV

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