Birds, Rockets and Battles

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Ash's POV

"Are they just flying around for fun now?" I ask as the final third round battle continues on.

"I expected more from two of your original Pokémon," Silver jokes.

"Don't blame me," I chuckle. "I only just recently reunited with these two. I can see they've been slacking off."

Charizard gave a disapproving growl as he continued flying around. Pidgeot was too focused to pay attention and kept on exchanging attacks with Charizard.

The field was certainly made for a battle between two flying types. Long skinny pillars crowded the area as the two made their way through. The light greyish stone stood out amongst the assortment of colours in the crowd.

"Can you please start to actually attack each other?" I jokingly ask.

"I'm getting kind of hungry so don't be afraid to speed it up," Silver adds while laughing.

"Charizard use heat wave," Sydney yells. He listened like he would with me and released the red wave of intense heat.

"Whip it up into a hurricane!" Aria commands. Her bright pink hair moving as she stuck her hand out.

"This should work," Silver comments as the wave started swirling in the wind gusts.

"A pretty smart move," I add as the combined flying and fire type move swallowed up Charizard. The type resistance weakened most of the power that was in the attack but Pidgeot followed with a steel wing to help it.

"Pidgeot doesn't have the move variety to beat a fire and flying type but he is doing fine so far," Silver announces.

"Charizard needs to step up," I say.

Charizard responded by landing a swift dragon claw. Pidgeot smashed into a pillar but he quickly recovered. "Well he did," Silver laughs as the two Pokémon stared at each other, waiting for their next commands.

"Pidgeot get in there with aerial ace!" Aria orders. Pidgeot flew high into the sky so he could use gravity as a speed boost. And with one quick turn he was diving towards the fire lizard.

"Stop him with steel wing," Sydney commands. Charizard smirked and moved his shining wing in front of Pidgeot. He hit the steel wing hard and dropped to the ground. Charizard seemed to take some damage though because of the speed Pidgeot moved at.

The Kanto bird Pokémon flew back into the air with slow flaps of his wings. "One more hit could ground Pidgeot," I announce.

"Charizard wrap this up with fire blast!" Sydney yells.

Aria looked extremely worried because of the growing star shaped burst of fire. "Pidgeot use brave bird. I believe in you." Aria commands.

"The battle is going to end here," Silver states. "I just don't know what way it will go."

The diving and blue flame covered Pidgeot and the fire blast met. Pidgeot charged through the middle and the fire blast dispersed. The now red and blue flames bird was on a direct course for the stunned fire type starter. Charizard tried to dive towards the ground to dodge but Pidgeot caught up and both of them went crashing into the ground.

A cloud of dust and smoke clouded my view and the whole crowd was left in mystery. "And the winner is... It's not over yet," I announce as the two Pokémon were struggling to stand in the small crater.

Suddenly Pidgeot shuddered and fell over unable to battle. "Apparently the recoil waited a bit to kick in," Silver sighs.

"An amazing battle from both sides," I clap into the microphone.

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