Thank You One-Shot

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This does not affect the main story but there will be hints so don't forget to look out for them ;)

Bonnie's POV

Ash and Bonnie ran outside with a cart full of Pokeballs. They needed to find Bulbasaur so they could put everyone in their Pokeballs. "Bulbasaur," Bulbasaur cheered as he knocked down Ash and started licking his face.

I can't wait to have a bond like that with all my Pokemon. But first we have to go to Alola. "Ash we might be running out of time."

"Oh yaaaa, I forgot," he replied. Really Ash? I sighed. "Bulbasaur can you bring everyone here please?"

While Bulbasaur was shooting an assortment of coloured powder into the air, Ash and Bonnie heard a bunch of people running to them.

"Bonnie let's have a competition," Ash asked me, I gave him a are you kidding me look,"Whoever roasts the most people here gets the other as a personal slave." I gave him a confident nod as we prepared for this.

"ASH STOP RIGHT THERE!" Misty screamed at him. I might as well get an early lead.

"Why? So you can betray him some more?" I asked.

Pikachu looked at me thinking and the raised his arm at me. Is he seriously refereeing this?

1-0 Bonnie

Misty didn't reply, I was just getting warmed up.

"Ash you will never win a major tournament," May said furious.

"Just like you?" He questioned smirking a little. I don't know the full story but by Pikachu smiling and immediately putting up his arm it must have been good.


"Your battling lacks flavour so you'll never be a Pokemon master, it's like a bitter recipe on cardboard. Also.....," Cilan couldn't stop talking until Ash butted in.

"It's not an insult if I don't have a clue what your saying," Ash smirked.

Pikachu looked at Ash but decided it was good enough and raised his arm.

2-1 Ash

Now Ash is winning and I need to turn it around quick. I'm bringing out my good ones now.

"Well," Clemont is thinking,"Your so dumb you think you can win with unevolved Pokemon."

He looks so confident but I can change that. "And your so dumb you think that jump suit looks good." I countered laughing.

Pikachu was rolling on the ground laughing but managed to raise his hand limply.


"You guys think your so funny but you're just scared of reality," Iris yelled at them.

"Like your scared of tiny ice cream Pokemon," Ash laughed at her. Her face grew beet red but she didn't respond.

I already knew what Pikachu was going to do so I focused on who was going to talk next.

3-2 Ash

Max stepped up next, "Why don't you give all your Pokemon to me?, Is he serious?,"I can show you how a real Pokémon trainer handles Pokémon."

"Your such a good Pokémon trainer who obviously hasn't been trusted with a Pokemon yet." Could have been better but I'm at a disadvantage not knowing their backgrounds.

Pikachu gave a understanding nod and signalled the point.


I think this will be the last person and Pikachu might not judge as easy.

Brock stepped up after seeing everyone but Dawn and Delia get mentally broken down. "Ash your losing control of yourself."

I don't know what to say but Ash does. "Just like when your around any girl, who rejects you almost instantly." I thought is what over.

Pikachu looked over at me, I need to think quick. He seems like a pervert so I need to stay along those lines. Pikachu rapped his wrists a few times. Everyone else was looking at Pikachu wondering what was going on.

"Brock it's okay," I faked sympathy,"There's plenty of girls out there, just none of them are for you." I couldn't hold my composure for very long and ended up laughing right at him.

Ash just hung his head in shame because he knew it was over. Pikachu ran up my body so me could raise his paw above me.

Game Over 4-3 Bonnie

Rumbling Earthquake Noise

It felt like an earthquake but I could see a dust cloud behind the traitors. Ash came up to me and whispered, "Those are my Pokemon in the dust cloud," okay so they shouldn't do much, "I have 30 Tauros."

I looked at him with a huge smile on my face ready to see this. He better have some cute Pokémon though. The traitors were now yelling and screaming, mostly at Ash but Thud.

They flew so fast I barely saw them. I looked at Ash and finished with...

"I didn't get to say goodbye."

I know it was later than I wanted but I also made it a little bit longer instead.

Also we hit 200+ reads by now so thank you for all the support.

See ya next chapter

Remember this doesn't affect the main story.

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