Triple Triple

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Kukui's POV

The upgrades we've done to Fini stadium were definitely needed. Almost every seat is filled with an eager spectator ready to watch intense triple battles. But even the upgrades don't give enough room for everybody wanting to watch so the other three stadiums are up and running the live feed on their jumbotrons.

There's only eight trainers left and just four battles needed to cut that number in half. And we have a pretty good lineup today...

Alola everybody!

I start giving a brief introduction of today's rules.

Z-Moves are still prohibited so you guys will have to wait another day before seeing the power of ancient crystals being released through powerful bonds. But today we get to see six Pokémon fight full out in a triple battle!

Silver takes over from there.

Anything can happen in these types of battles since there's so many different possibilities of matchups and combinations. Add the power these trainers have reached within their Pokémon and we have some nerve racking battles coming our way.

I announce our first battle of the day. It's more of a warmup for the two main battles with more popular trainers but will be intense nonetheless.

We have Chris the dragon tamed against Royce the strategist to start of the day!

Royce walks out first with his glasses up in his short blonde hair and then Chris walks out with a bright red cape and matching robe. Get ready...

Gary's POV

"So it's the age old battle of strategy versus raw power," Brock states. "This will be other example used in the debate of what matters more when raising Pokémon."

"There will never be an end," I add. "Ways to make your Pokémon stronger will show up like mega evolution or Z-Moves but then a new type will be discovered and will change the strategy game."

"I still feel bad for dragon types," Mallow giggles. "Who would have thought they couldn't hurt fairy types with dragon type moves?"

"That's the point though," Brock nods. "Next thing you know a new type will be discovered that normal types are actually good against."

"Hyper beam would be brutal," I chuckle thinking of how bad that type would be against any decently powerful Pokémon.

Royce has released his Pokémon first... Making a back to back appearance is Medicham. The metal disc Pokémon Magnezone is also going to take part. Mismagius completes the triple M team that will be hard to work around.

On the other side Chris has released his own trio of dragon types. Salamence, Tyrunt, and Dragonair are going to try powering right to the semifinals. A flying dragon, dinosaur dragon, and mystical dragon sure make for an interesting combo.

And with a regular battlefield, nothing crazy is going to get in their way. So I think it's time... Battle begin!

The crowd suddenly decides to amp up their cheering to a level that probably isn't safe. I shut the window and the noise is now barely audible, as is the commentating. "It got real loud there," Mallow sighs in relief. "Good idea."

"We can still see anyways and that's what matters most," Brock states and takes a seat with us at the window.

"Looks like Chris is displaying his game plan right off the bat," I point out. "My guess is that if Royce stops the first wave attacks, he won't lose."

"We'll see," The green haired girl beside me states.

Dragonair swims around in the air to form three twister attacks. They move towards their foe almost like a wall of powerful dragon type power. Behind the twisters Salamence is closing in with a flamethrower lighting up his mouth and Tyrunt shooting a bright orange orb into the sky.

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