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Clemont's POV

"I wonder how good this Gladion kid really is?" Serena questions from beside me.

The girls and I got front row seats here in Bulu stadium. They must know their battling well because the four are criticizing every battler so far that we've watched. And yes, that was sarcastic.

I can't wait to hear their criticism of Ash's battling since most of their battling styles replicate his. And if they are judging the way Gladion is standing, Ash should look out later tonight.

"He looks older than all of us," I state.

In return for my statement I get four angry glares. I sigh and sit back in my seat, I really should invent to get Ash to forgive me. My life would be a lot easier but I deserve all this I guess. I can't believe my sister was smarter than a bunch of teenagers.

Gladion's midnight form Lycanroc looks ready to tear the competition apart. It's red eyes are peering into the others' souls while he waits to win this battle.

Can his teeth beat those of Feraligatr's though? Kyred's water type has some muscles that Buizel , Lycanroc and Flareon definitely won't be able to overpower without some tricks.

"Buizel use aqua jet towards Flareon!" Peter starts things off.

"Use fire spin around you," Cam the fire "master" smirks.

"Lycanroc use rock tomb above them," Gladion adds to the mix.

"Feraligatr charge a water pledge but hold it until I say," Kyred commands.

Buizel is engulfed in water and is crossing the field in seconds.

Fire is riding up from the ground around the fire type evolution.

Lycanroc is tossing boulders into the sky until they start falling back down due to gravity.

Feraligatr has a mysterious blue aura around him.

This is action I've never seen in a battle before and an attack still hasn't made contact yet. And I'm a gym leader.

The water around Buizel is completely evaporating! He's now on a set course for a blazing wall of fire with no water to control his path or cool himself off. His world went from cool to burning pretty fast.

Cam is visibly celebrating his mini win but even with Buizel taken care of by the rotating fire attack, there's a super effective attack heading its way.

Brown boulders about the size of Flareon crash into the fire spin move. The fire slowly diminishes due to the rocks, leaving some smoke, dust, and a pile of rocks nobody wants.

So now two Pokémon have disappeared after that rock tomb from Lycanroc. That double hit should help Gladion's score.

"Show then a triple hit!" Kyred smirks, taking everyone in the arena by surprise.

Feraligatr roars and hits the ground with glowing fists. After a few short seconds water erupts around the battlefield. Accurately hitting the pile of rocks and a stunned Lycanroc.

I've never seen that attack executed that accurately when not in a straight line. Kyred isn't here to lose, I'll tell you that.

If there's any good news for Flareon and Buizel it's that the rocks are now spread out across the whole field. That might not matter for those two since both of them are struggling to make space between themselves.

"Buizel use-" Peter starts.

Fire engulfs the poor weasel Pokémon and he faints. He lasted long...

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