A Whole Lot of Traitors

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May's POV

It feels good to be in the city again. I wonder how Max is doing with his gym battles? There's the pride of Petalburg, the gym. "Gym is closed temporarily." I read the sign as I walk by.

I run next door into my childhood home, "I'm home!" I yell. Without an answer I run towards our private gardens. "Mom?"

"Oh hey honey," She said rather sad. Caroline was looking down at the middle of the glass dome. My dad was laying down and staring straight up while his Pokémon were surrounding him.

"Did I miss something?" I ask confused.

"You must not have seen the news recently," She sighed while tearing up slightly.

"What?" I asked fearing the worst.

"Ash died," She sobbed. She must've expected a bigger reaction from me because she looked at me like I was deaf. "Aren't you sad?"

Uh oh. I need to think of something fast. "Umm I already knew and got it all out," I say while pretending to be sad.

"Ohh," She sniffed. Why are my parents so bothered by his death?

"I'm surprised it took this long for the news to reach Hoenn," I say.

My mom nodded. "He was a gift to the world," She sighs.

"He had a dream," I say kind of annoyed at their over exaggerated reactions.

"A dream he was going to accomplish," Norman said still not moving.

"But he always lost," I say. My mom glared at me but I don't really care.

"Who said Pokémon masters have to win everything?" He said.

"That's kind of the point of being a master," I argue.

"But saving the world doesn't count towards it?" My Mom questioned.

"And how he would rather help someone before he helps himself," My dad adds.

"That was his fault," I say.

"Was it?" My Mom questioned.

"Whatever," I scoff and head back into the house. They like him more than me. He's dead so everyone should just forget about him.

"Hey sis," Max walks in the house.

"Hey how are your battles going?" I ask while I get two glasses of water.

"I already have two," He says and puffs his chest out.

"You know the league is only in a few weeks," I laugh.

"I started late," He pouts.

"No you didn't," I laugh. "You're just bad."

"If Professor Oak just gave me all of Ash's Pokemon I would be just fine," Max says.

"He is so cruel for just keeping them in their Pokeballs," I agree.

"Dad I want a gym battle!" Max yells as our parents walk in.

"Didn't you see the closed sign," Norman sighs.

"Just give me a badge then," Max argues. "Okay never mind." I laugh at the immediate shut down.

"Why is it closed?" I ask.

"Maybe if you cared we would tell you," My Mom snaps.

"I don't feel like battling right now," He sighs. "I think I'm going to pay a visit to Professor Oak."

"Can I go with you?" Max asked.

"No," He replied simply.

"Here's your ticket," My Mom handed a small envelope to my dad. "I know you well."

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