Clean Up

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Lillie's POV

"Lunch is ready," I announced.

All the hard working people came over. "Thanks Lillie," Hala thanked and patted me on the back. Where's Ash?

I grab a plate of food and look around for Ash. Maybe he's still working on the lake. I run over to the hole for the water but he's not here either.

"Lillie up here!" I heard Ash yell. I look up on the higher ledge of land and see Ash waving.

"What are you doing up there?" I asked giggling.

"You'll see," Ash said, "Snivy bring Lillie up here."

I see two vines come over the edge and grab onto me tightly. I slowly get pulled up onto the higher piece of land. Once I got above the edge I could see that they were digging out a river.

"Are you making a waterfall?" I asked.

"Not just that," Ash informed me. "The main river will supply the lake by going through here off the ledge into the lake."

"But the lake will overflow," I sighed. He needs to use his head more. Ash grabbed me and showed me the lake again. Now I could see another river from our new lake to the main river.

"Why haven't you let the water flow yet?" I asked.

"We're putting a layer of rocks under and up the sides to make it look nice." Ash said as he ordered some of his Pokémon to go down and get lunch.

"Cool but where are you getting the rocks from?" I'm asking so many questions I forgot about the food. "Here's your lunch." I handed him the plate of sandwiches.

"Thanks Lillie your the best," he thanked and instantly devoured at least three.

"Wm hmav tm gomm downm," I have no clue what he just said.

"Chew," I said laughing. He instead led me down the hill side and we got down to the lake. He pointed at a hole where the waterfall will fall over.

He jumped in then gave me a hand to help me. Inside all the Pokémon that weren't helping build in the town were here eating berries. Slackers.

"Wow." I said simply.

"This is our hideout," Ash joked. I looked around, there were pillars of stone for support and torches in the walls for light.

"Impressive but where are the berries from?" I said eating a few.

"While some Pokémon here mine rocks for the river the smaller Pokémon get berries from the forest for fun," Ash said petting Rattata.

Thunder and lightening sound here

I looked outside and it was down pouring and the sky was dark. "Milotic!" Ash said and went running outside.

"No Ash it's dangerous," I yell but he keeps going. Why is Milotic out there anyways?

Ash's POV

I run up the hill towards the main river. I let Milotic out to talk to the nearby water types about the new river. I hope she's okay.

"Milotic," I yell out running along the river. It was hard to see because it was dark and stormy while the wind was picking up too.

"Miii," She called out, I run up to her but as soon as I make it lightening strikes. It hit a nearby tree and an angry looking bird came flying out at us.

 It hit a nearby tree and an angry looking bird came flying out at us

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