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Just Partners by SilverFennic88
Just Partnersby Silver_Paladin
A Pokemon Sun and Moon inspired story about a girl who was trapped in a Type:Null's body from a horrid experiment, and became president Lusamine's labrat. Until a boy na...
My Crush and Me (Gladion x reader story) by TwilightDash7
My Crush and Me (Gladion x TwilightDash7
"Leave Gladion alone!" I leaped onto the creature, and it threw me across the room. I hit a wall, my vision blurring. "(Y/N)!" I heard Gladion and my...
Alolan Adventures: An Original Pokémon Story by erialcq
Alolan Adventures: An Original ice
Axol and Snow have just arrived in the Alola region for the next leg of their Pokémon adventure. Read more to see what they encounter, their battles, and everything they...
Pokemon Sun and Moon: My Feelings aren't Type:Null (GladionxReader) by AmaRue7
Pokemon Sun and Moon: My AmmyRue
You just started your new adventure on Alola and you couldn't have been more excited. Until, while you were on Akala Island, you meet a strange boy named Gladion who eye...
.。.:*・'Super Effective'・*:.。. Gladion x Reader by _Celestial-Shadow_
.。.:*・'Super Effective'・*:.。. _Celestial-Shadow_
The moment (y/n) woke up, she realised something was very wrong. Finding her without memories in a secret lab of the Æther Foundation. The only thing that can help her i...
A Vacation, an Adventure, and the Story of a Lifetime by LunaLovesPokemon
A Vacation, an Adventure, and Luna the Space Fox
[Pokemon OC Story] After spending years on her Pokemon Journey, Luna is ecstatic to learn her mother got them a vacation to the Alola region. Loving the sand, the sea, t...
Two Alike | Gladion by jassminoxx
Two Alike | Gladionby Jas
- X FEMALE READER - You've lived in Alola for months now and nothing exciting ever happened. You woke up, ate breakfast, and either hung out or trained with your Po...
Lit Up My Life (Gladion X Reader) by animetemmiegirl
Lit Up My Life (Gladion X Reader)by Valkyrie
(y/n) wakes up in a lab with no memories. The only clue to her past life is her Litten ears and tail. As she leaves to discover herself, she meets a boy named Gladion. W...
Pokemon: The Queen of Kalos by ZenithSSawyer
Pokemon: The Queen of Kalosby Zenith Sawyer
(Ash x OC) All is well for our heroes, Ash and his friends, continuing on their Kalos journey. However, after seeing a performance by the Kalos Queen and Champion Zenith...
Pokemon (and characters) x reader oneshots by Chaos-Prince
Pokemon (and characters) x Chaos-Prince
(REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN) I've been wanting to do Pokemon x readers for a while now x3 just never got around to it until now this will include humanized/gijinkas and...
Lonely Love: Gladion X Reader by QueenOfNekoWriters
Lonely Love: Gladion X Readerby DaydreamingNeko
I currently live in Alola; one of the best places to live. Almost everyone is very nice and welcoming. Almost. Team Skull is a group of troublesome teenagers that cause...
Precious Memories ~Amourshipping~ by ririapple
Precious Memories ~Amourshipping~by Riri
Serena has been in Hoenn for about half a year now. It's summer so she decides to visit Alola. The best place for a summer vacation! Who knew that her one week long vac...
Poke'boy Oneshots *Requests Closed* by PokemonGladion
Poke'boy Oneshots *Requests Closed*by Catastrophe
This is going to be a book of random Poke'boy oneshots. I may add a few shippings into the mix but we'll see. (Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or any of the character...
Not Accepting | Gladion x Reader by whitesylveon
Not Accepting | Gladion x Readerby ;rose
She was the first girl he ever really cared about, besides his sibling and mother. No other girl really interested him. She was different. It hit him like a truck, w...
~From Haters, To Lovers: Gladion X Reader~ by QueenOfNekoWriters
~From Haters, To Lovers: Gladion DaydreamingNeko
Okay, I just love Gladion so much. So much, that I had to write a story about him. I hope you enjoy! Description-Gladion and Lillie have just moved in. (y/n) tries to be...
Pokémon: Alola Adventures by KatalynePCummings
Pokémon: Alola Adventuresby KatyKat1998
Serena finally wins the title of Kalos Queen., but still misses Ash terribly. So what will happen when he shows up in her dressing room? Will Serena be able to confess h...
The New Ash by Supernova121
The New Ashby Supernova121
This is gonna be a story of Ash changes and this will take after a few days after Goh catches Suicune and yes before you ask I'm still super livid about that it's unfair...
❤️Gladion X Reader❤️ by Edgelord_Gladion
❤️Gladion X Reader❤️by Edgelord_Gladion
((MAJOR SPOILERS)) A fanfic of Pokemon Sun/Moon, about a girl moving to the Alola Region, similar to our Hawaii, trying to become the champion and complete all of the is...
One's Saving Grace by pearlshipper332
One's Saving Graceby Hunter
Ever since that day, five years ago, Lillie's home life has been hell. Things never go her way, and she has to deal with things that no other teenager should have to dea...
The "Aura" Monarch by Crossmaster72
The "Aura" Monarchby The Amourshipper
One explosion changes everything.... When the world loses it's beloved hero Ash Ketchum everyone falls to despair, so in honor of his death 5 years later, The World Mona...