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Gladion's POV

"We're getting closer to the altar," I yell my group while we run through the forest.

"Pretty close I'd say," A guy jumps out of the trees and lands in front of me with a sick smirk. "But sadly I can't let you get any further."

"That's a shame because I want to go further," I smirk and grab Weavile's pokeball.

"Oh really," He says. Based on his confidence level he must be an executive of some sort. "Let's get 'em boys!"

"Boys?" I question but then I hear a few yells from behind me. I look back to see four or five grunts with Pokémon in front of them and ready to attack. I watch Dawn immediately command my Crobat to start battling...

"Let's go hotshot," He taunts. "Or should I say, second place battler."

"If that's what you want," I regain my usual personality. "Make this quick Weavile."

"I, Archer the greatest executive in Team Rocket," Archer declares. "Is about to kick your ass." He smirks.

Archer throws a poke ball high into the sky which is starting to fade to an orangish colour. The capsule explodes to reveal a tall red Pokémon that is shining among the landscape. Its glossy red coat is basically a sheet of metal armour that moulds to his every move.

"Scizor," I nod approvingly. "Not a bad matchup."

"Not any Scizor," Archer says and my instincts start to fear that this won't be easy. "We're meant to destroy any person who threatens the boss, so Scizor... Mega Evolve!"

The bug and steel type immediately starts to glow brightly and its shadow shows a transformation happening. After the blinding light ends, a new Pokémon is standing there, hopping around impatiently.

 After the blinding light ends, a new Pokémon is standing there, hopping around impatiently

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If it didn't look like a steel type before, it definitely looks the part now. Scizor starts crushing his oversized jaws together while his sharp teal eyes gaze deep into Weavile's soul. Gonna have to bring out my inner Ash Ketchum and win with a heavy type disadvantage.

"Weavile make this quick night slash!" I order and the dark type immediately shoots forward at our target. For an ice type however, he's having a tough time making it through the melting snow at his usual speed.

"Bullet punch," Archer smirks.

Scizor waits and then meets Weavile's fist with his own. Their right and left fists respectively, try to overpower one another with black and grey light flying everywhere. And then Scizor blows Weavile away with his other charged up claw.

We can't win a physical fight against claw-like fists like those. Weavile thankfully is quick to get back on his feet but there aren't many ways I can stop it from happening again. Or maybe...

"Weavile keep your distance with dark pulse," I command the dark and ice type.

The spiral beam of energy fires across the area with perfect accuracy. Scizor dodges swiftly but still not counterattack. Looks like they don't have a special attack at their disposal. "Keep going Weavile!" I yell. "Mix in ice beam too."

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