The Poison Effect

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Melody's POV

"Melody!" Ash said surprised.

"If it isn't Ash Ketchum the chosen one," I smirked.

"The chosen one," Plumeria murmured. "So this boy is a hero huh." She then grabs me a holds me on the window sill. "You move she drops." I start panicking and try to scream but she puts a cloth in my mouth.

Ash just smirks, is he still an idiot? "Lapras," he yelled. In a reflex motion Plumeria pushed me off and I started screaming as the rag fell out of my mouth. I closed my eyes bracing for impact but it didn't hurt that much. It was kind of cold so I opened my eyes and I realized I was slowly sliding down an ice slide.

At the end there was a Lapras that I recognized as the one Ash and his friends travelled through the Orange Islands on. "Thanks Lapras," I say and get up.

I was expecting a nice reply but I got a a, "laaaa." I look up and there was a thick purple smog coming out of the hotel room. Plumeria came flying out holding on her Crobat. Where's Ash? Pikachu came flying out and soon followed Greninja with frubbles in its mouth.

They both realized Ash wasn't behind them on the ice. I could tell the smog was thinning out and so did Greninja. He stealthily got back up and was carrying Ash's limp body in his arms...

Lillie's POV

"Please wake up," I whisper twirling his raven hair with my fingers. I didn't even know Pokémon Centers had extra space for people. I hear the door open and I look over.

"You know it's been about 12 hours," the auburn haired girl said as she walked in. "Aren't you hungry or want to move or something like that?"

"No I'm fine," I reply quietly. "I just want him to wake up."

"He always has had to be the hero," Melody said while sitting down across the room in a chair.

"Why can't he just be a regular guy!" I yell out in frustration. "He's always risking his life for others and never thinks about what could happen or the people who care about him!"

"Sounds like you care about him a lot," She smirked.

"I guess I do," I mumble. I didn't say that out loud right? I look up and see the look on her face, I blush so red it might be lighting up the room even more.

"You've already fallen in love with him," Melody laughed. I don't think you guys have known each other for long."

"No we haven't but how did you know?" I asked confused by how much this girl knows.

"Because I saw on the news that he won his first grand trial not too long ago," She cleared up. "And Ash has an effect that can get a girl to fall for him instantly."

"Well I fell because of him instantly," I laughed at when met. "I'm guessing you fell for him at some point."

"I did but it was more just to tick off his friend Misty," She replied shrugging. I decide not to bring up the betrayal because I'm tired. "But I wasn't close to doing what you are right now after he saved the world."

"Do you think it's a crush or do I love him?" I asked.

She looked up for a moment, "Only you can figure that out but I think I know." Before I could speak she left.

I felt movement and Ash's eyes slowly opened. "Hey Lillie," he said weakly.

"How are you feeling?" I asked still playing with his hair.

"Ready to go win my first trial here," He said giving a small smile. "How long have you been here playing with my hair?"

"About 12 hours," I replied blushing. "Why do you always have to put yourself in danger?"

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