Who's Moving On

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Ash's POV

"All four competitors are now on the flying part of the race!" Sarah announces.

The second last race of the round is going to be a close one. Hannah is right up there for first with some other girl and only a few turns left to go. Emily is trailing behind a bit but definitely not out of it.

"Who put Aerodactyl into the race?" Royce asks. "Grace can barely handle it."

"Probably not their smartest decision," I chuckle. "They're not exactly friendly Pokémon," I sweat drop.

"Pikachu Pika," My number one pal laughs at the memory. That was when my Charizard lost me battles due to ignorance.

"There's a story here isn't there," Ajat laughs.

"There sure is," Gary walks up with his gramps and Brock. "Back when I was a better trainer than Ash."

"I made it farther than you in the Indigo League," I smirk. "And then there's the Silver Conference."

"He's right Gary," Professor Oak lifts up a finger. His index finger. "There is really no proof that you were ever better."

"Whatever," My childhood friend rolls his eyes. "Ash's interaction with the prehistoric Pokémon was prime entertainment."

"Let me guess," Lillie giggles. "He did something stupid, leading to pain."

"Nooo," I cover my ears not ready to hear the story from Gary's point of view.

"Basically Ash blew up the ground to start off things," Gary recounts.

"Practically this guy here did," I point to Pikachu.

"Really?" Lillie shakes her head.

"Then he fell in and a bunch of Pokémon thought to be extinct attacked. Ash sent out his Charmeleon, who did nothing because Ash didn't know how to train strong Pokémon," Gary jokes.

"Aerodactyl saw Ash as a snack," Gary smirks. "Like you Lillie."

"Wh- I- N- Ugh," Her face turns bright red and she buries her head under my arm.

I chuckle and play with her long silky blonde hair.

"The flying type flew out of the cave and perched on top of a conveniently placed pillar. Aerodactyl taunted Ash's Charmeleon while Ash was freaking out. The fire type decided to evolve because his evolution Charizard has the gift of flight," Gary continues.

"Ash though he evolved to come save him but that wasn't the case," Gary laughs and Royce and Ajat laugh along. "He only wanted to save his pride and ended up battling Aerodactyl who was still hanging onto Ash."

"All that happened next was a small pink ball of fluff putting everybody to sleep," Gary shrugs. "What an ending."

"You can see them now!" Sydney exclaims.

Grace and her Pokémon are trying their best to hang on. I can see them shifting back and forth a lot while Hannah and her Pidgeot glide smoothly right beside them. Aerodactyl suddenly lost control of himself and took a hard turn right, crashing into the unsuspecting Hannah.

Both of them try to stay above the water but all the speed they had is lost. Emily looks ahead shocked and quickly blew by them. "And Emily has won again!" Sarah announces. "Grace is next and Hannah is the third place winner."

"She cheated!" Ajat exclaims. "Grace purposely hit her!"

"Ajat everybody could tell that Grace had no intention of crashing," Royce sighs. "Honestly kid."

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