A Real One

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Lillie's POV

"Welcome to the Anthurium Festival," The familiar red headed announcer says. "This is the last one of the year and many aspiring competitors are looking for number 5!"

I kept looking over at Ash who looked half asleep. After what happened yesterday Ash was up researching about it. I don't think he found anything though.

"Ash it's starting," I shake him awake.

"Sorry," He sighs.

"You better wake up soon," I wink. "Because you promised me."

"I know," Ash laughs. "I'll be wide awake for our date, don't worry."

"Did you find anything last night?" I ask.

"Nope," Ash looks up at the sky. "Not even Professor Oak could figure out why."

"Let's see..." I trail off.

Flashback to Yesterday

"Guys come here!" Bonnie screams.

Ash and I quickly made our way around the rocks that seemed to poke right out of the beach.

The rainbow feather was glowing dimly like we've seen before. "Bonnie we've seen it do this before," I raise an eyebrow.

"No," Bonnie says. "It was glowing really bright, so bright it looked like my bag was the sun."

"Weird," Ash says as he picks it up and twirls it between two fingers. "Why does it keep glowing up but not at a steady rate?"

"You said you got it from a mystery Pokémon right?" I recount.

"Yeah it was bright gold and it was like it was guiding us to our destination," Bonnie explains while making hand gestures at a speedy rate.

"Ho-oh," Ash mutters.

"Hmm?" I question.

"A legendary Pokémon," Ash says before laughing. "We just can't catch a break."

"Because of you," I giggle and punch him playfully in the shoulder.

"Did you see that?" Bonnie asks. Ash and I both stood our head no. "Lillie punch him again."

"Okay," I shrug and do the same thing I just did.

Ash's eyes widened, "Lillie do it again."

"Am I missing something?" I ask while repeating the same action. This time I looked towards Bonnie who had the feather now. Every time I touched Ash the feather glowed a little brighter before dimming again. "Woah."

"Hug," Bonnie demands while giggling a little as well.

Ash and I embraced while looking at the mysterious feather. "Wow," I awe over the beauty the feather possesses.

"There's gotta be some meaning for this," Ash says as we separate.

"I always knew you guys were meant to be!" Bonnie cheers.

Flashback End

I take the feather out from behind my ear. Ash put it there for safekeeping and I feel like it's energizing me. "I guess we just have to keep moving on," Ash sighs.

"Maybe it'll help us save the world yet again," I laugh.

"Let's hope we don't have to rely on a feather to win," Ash laughs along with me.

I decide to lean my head on his shoulder as we watch the first round go by. It was a quiz that I think was made just to make people look stupid. They word them so much harder than they need to but Bonnie is cruising through them.

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