Three Days of Normal

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Lillie's POV

"See you in three days guys!" I wave to the rest of our group.

We planned to leave earlier this morning but apparently we were all more tired than we thought. Now Ash, Bonnie and I can have roughly three days to relax before a competition gets us busy again. It'll be nice to travel like we did at the start of our journey.

"Charizard we are going to MeleMele island," Ash says. "Land at our house."

Ash and I are riding on top of the flying lizard Pokémon. I hold on tight to Ash "just in case" I fall. Bonnie is trailing us on top of Pidgeot as well as Tapu Fini who is hovering through the sky instead of spreading her wings and flying.

We leave the most mountainous island behind us as we fly over the crystal blue ocean. Fluffy, white clouds move with the wing beside us, sometimes crossing paths and giving us the whimsical feeling of flying through a cloud.

The flatter island, our destination, comes closer and closer. I can spot our white house standing out from the greenery all around it. Charizard starts descending towards the backyard.

Different colours of Pokémon flock towards where Charizard is headed. We haven't been home in awhile and they're probably pretty excited to see us, mostly Ash though. I frown knowing that I'll probably never connect with as many Pokémon as Ash.

We land and I hop off and turn towards the door. Then I feel something start nuzzling me from behind along with loud footsteps. I look back and see all of the Pokémon running up and crowding around me. "You're tickling me," I start giggling uncontrollably.

I manage to open my eyes and look at Ash who is chuckling at the moment. We lock eyes and he winks. How did he manage to plan this without me knowing?

Eventually I gain my freedom back and the Pokémon wait patiently around us. "I heard you talking earlier this week," Ash smiles. "About how all of the Pokémon I caught before coming here will never be as close to you as myself."

"Ash," I mumble.

"So we planned this to show that they are all of our Pokémon, equally," He explains.

"Thank you," I smile and wrap my arms around him. I rest my chin over his shoulder and we stay there, not wanting to move.

"Zor," Zorua says to get our attention. We separate and I can feel my cheeks redden from our moment in front of them all.

"Sorry guys," Ash rubs the back of his head like he always does when he's embarrassed. "As you all know, the Alola League starts in three days, starting ceremony in two."

"We're going to travel around on foot until then," I add.

"It's time for the final push," Ash says. "Let's train as hard as we can so we can prove all the haters wrong!"

The Pokémon cheer with the raven haired trainer. Ash is the favourite, Ash should be the favourite, and all his Pokémon know that they deserve to be the favourites. They better win this thing...

"So I think we're only going to take a few of you with us," Ash states. "That way we can focus on some of the newer Pokémon and the rest of you can get lots of work done here at your own pace."

"Who should we take Ash?" I ask.

"Pikachu, Zorua and Snowy are in because they're always with us," Ash starts. "Kirlia wants to evolve so bringing her is important for that to happen."

"Maybe Gallade to help her," I suggest and Ash nods. He looks around, thinking if he should pick a sixth Pokémon.

"Gengar how about you come too," Ash states. "Gengar was one of my favourite Pokémon to watch in the battles on TV. Might be special to use one finally when I'm on TV."

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