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Ash's Story (Part 5: Modern Sinnoh) by HungjuiChiu
Ash's Story (Part 5: Modern Sinnoh)by Ray Chiu
Join Ash on his journey of the 10 regions and become the Pokemon Master. Ash and 12 girls harem. Part 5 of the series: Sinnoh (Modern)
Alola to a New Journey! by Diggin-A-Hole
Alola to a New Journey!by Kangaroo Fighter
Basically, a typical betrayal story...without a betrayal, so to speak. Basically, Ash's pals think it is time to try something new. His Kalos league run got everyone so...
Pokemon:Future To Past,A Bond To Remember by ALOLASH
Pokemon:Future To Past,A Bond To ALOLASH
Our favourite trainer has finally beaten Leon and with all his Pokemon in Bag and Pikachu with him he ventures off on the outskirts of Pallet Town with New shoes for new...
One's Saving Grace by pearlshipper332
One's Saving Graceby Hunter
Ever since that day, five years ago, Lillie's home life has been hell. Things never go her way, and she has to deal with things that no other teenager should have to dea...
Pokemon S&M: A travel through the past by Gygan_9835
Pokemon S&M: A travel through Darakgears
Ash and his friends were having a normal class of battle practise, as the topic was to enhance the usage of the Z-moves... but on a weird situation, Ash starts to feel w...
In this fanfiction the people of the pokemon world are going to react to the adventures of the chosen one and the battles he fought. They are going to see many important...
Bond Beyond - A Pokemon Fanfiction by AmajiSanjin
Bond Beyond - A Pokemon Fanfictionby 天時
The story begins as Ash Ketchum, destined to become a Pokemon master, finishes his third grand trial in Ula'ula in the Alola region. One night, a mysterious Pokemon appe...
Pokemon High School (AshxHarem) by Y33TB0Y
Pokemon High School (AshxHarem)by YEETBOY
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN POKEMON I AM NOT COOL ;((((((( Ash Ketchum goes to Pokemon High in Kalos, the most prestigious school in the region. However, he is known as an...
Inner Demons by QuiznakingCat201
Inner Demonsby Music is my Band-Aid <3
Nihilego didn't care who it took. So when Ash sacraficed himself for Lillie's family, he get's kidnapped by Nihilego. Lillie is heartbroken, loosing the one she loves to...
Alola comes to Trusting | Aureliashipping (Completed) by Greninjago
Alola comes to Trusting | Ash-Greninja Playzgamesforfun
*Disclaimer* I don't own the pictures,Characters,Or Pokémon (Except the Plot). Credits goes to the owners. Ash got betrayed by his Kalos compains. Ash's Pikachu abandone...
The Hidden Hero by nitty14
The Hidden Heroby Nitty
Aloha high where many dreams start and many come true. People from all over the world dream just to enter the school. Champions like Lance and Cynthia even went here. A...
Fighter: an Ash Betrayal story by Bl0t0rch
Fighter: an Ash Betrayal storyby Bl0t0rch
Ash had just lost the Kalos league to Alain. He was happy with his place and hoped everyone was proud of him. It ended up being the complete opposite. Nearly all of Ash'...
Alola vacation, master eight style!  by flowowow
Alola vacation, master eight ,
This is a story about the masters class/masters eight- (Leon, Cynthia, Steven, Lance, Diantha, Alain, Iris, and Ash) going on a vacation to Alola, not just to relax but...
a new beginning by bhaxar
a new beginningby androstorm
After the events of Alamos town , Darkrai decides to come with Ash after everything he has seen . They land in adventures that unites Ash with some old friends and New...
Ash Betrayed by KrishGupt
Ash Betrayedby Krish Gupt
Ash gets betrayed by some of his closes friends! Then he founds out something about his Heritage that changes everything!
What If Pokemon Had Instagram  by Pokelegend2k22
What If Pokemon Had Instagram by Ketchum
The Pokemon world is full of adventures and Surprises But What if the characters had Instagram accounts like us. Posts Comments and lot more to enjoy. (I don't ow...
Pokemon: Journey of Ash and Lillie [My Way]! Arc 1: Kanto (On Hold) by UltimateGoomba
Pokemon: Journey of Ash and AureliaMaster
Alternate Pokemon Universe! Ash at a young age is taken away from his family, and brought to Alola with a Pikachu! There, he meets three kind people that turn his sad wo...
Of Flowers and Ashes by Anonymous-Cow
Of Flowers and Ashesby Anonymous-Cow
Electing to mature and stay in Alola, Ash starts a new chapter in his life. Dealing with the trials of becoming a Champion and what that entails. Contains AureliaShippi...
EQUILIBRIUM: A Pokemon Story (Paused) by Synthetic_Cheddar
EQUILIBRIUM: A Pokemon Story ( Sir Cheddar
¦⅂ᓭ ੭⧶ꖎǁ ɾ ᒲɾ⅂⅂ᒷ∷ ੭⎓ ⅂¦ᒲᒷ ⦣ᒷ⎓੭∷ᒷ ¦ ⅂⍑¦⧶ꖌ ᓭ⍑¦ⅰ!ⅰ!¦⧶˧ ¦ᓭ ⌇∷¦⧶˧ᒷ 1 Week after Goh Catches Suicune.ash receive a call from arceus that something bad might happen in the futu...
The Kantonian Pokémon Teacher (Sun & Moon Reboot) by Gygan_9835
The Kantonian Pokémon Teacher ( Darakgears
Four months after the Kalos adventure, our hero decided to catch on with his Pokémon and his mother in a peaceful life in Kanto, but Oak has suddenly been informed by hi...