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Bond Beyond - A Pokemon Fanfiction by GlitchOutReal
Bond Beyond - A Pokemon Fanfictionby GlitchOut
The story begins as Ash Ketchum, destined to become a Pokemon master, finishes his third grand trial in Ula'ula in the Alola region. One night, a mysterious Pokemon appe...
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The Betrayed Legendary Trainer (A Pokemon Fanfic) by Abyssal_Jelly
The Betrayed Legendary Trainer ( 〇◇♡✿☆ Jelly ☆✿♡◇〇
Betrayal. Anger. Disappointed. Sadness. That was all Ash felt when his 'friends' told him in his face that he should quit trying to be a Pokemon Master. That didn't stop...
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Fighter: an Ash Betrayal story by Bl0t0rch
Fighter: an Ash Betrayal storyby Bl0t0rch
Ash had just lost the Kalos league to Alain. He was happy with his place and hoped everyone was proud of him. It ended up being the complete opposite. Nearly all of Ash'...
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The Boy And His Legends [An Amourshipping And Aureliashipping Story] by Jayvaughn123
The Boy And His Legends [An 😍😘AureliaForever😍😘
Ash Ketchum, a fifteen year old boy in the Kanto Region, particularly in the Pallet Town, has been enrolled to a huge highschool in the Kalos Region, offered to him by P...
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Alola to the Betrayed by BigSears
Alola to the Betrayedby BigSears
Ash comes home from the Kalos region after placing 2nd.When he gets home, majority of his friends and pokemon betray him, causing him to run away to the newly discovered...
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Ash Ketchum the protector by tattarat
Ash Ketchum the protectorby sawfishs
After Ash is betrayed he and his pokemon take refuge on Mount Silver and this is known only to two people. He trains with his pokemon for 4 years training and catching p...
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A New Ash Ketchum by HungjuiChiu
A New Ash Ketchumby Hungjui Chiu
After having his trainer's license revoked, Ash decides to go with his family to a new region called Sevestar and live there. Since then he becomes a successful business...
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A surprise return to Kalos by SteelVenom
A surprise return to Kalosby Steel Venom
Spring break has begun in Alola, and Ash's 3 female classmates invite him to the Kalos region. And as the break goes on, he gets to bond with his friends in ways he woul...
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The Betrayal  by CoordinatorCindy
The Betrayal by Cindy Ketchum
After Ash became the runner up in the Kalos league, his friends and family betrayed him. After a year of training in the Alola region with his actual friends, Ash and ga...
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Ash Betrayed: The Collection by Pokemon_fan_13579
Ash Betrayed: The Collectionby God Himself
A collection of different Ash betrayed stories with different shippings and different stories to tell. I do not own the rights to pokemon and there will be NO lemons, bu...
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Nikki's Opinions On Pokemon Ships by Ninilene
Nikki's Opinions On Pokemon Shipsby ♛ Disaster Bi ♛
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Champion (An Aureliashipping Story) by Jayvaughn123
Champion (An Aureliashipping Story)by 😍😘AureliaForever😍😘
A young boy named Ash Ketchum just finished up his journey through the Alola region, and stayed up a little bit there, until, an invitation letter has arrived, what coul...
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Forgotten Champion (REWRITE) by RedJump58
Forgotten Champion (REWRITE)by RedJump58
When Ash finishes 2nd in the Kalos league he finally feels like he should confess his feelings but when he gets rejected because he is weak, he is determined to get stro...
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Life as a Trainer [OC Submission is Closed] by PokemonIsLife319
Life as a Trainer [OC Submission Jherico De Torres
A story where there is a boy named Ash Ketchum that one day he will acquire a power, a power that can rival even a god. His power will outmatched every Pokèmon trainer i...
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Ash x Lillie a love story by ejcool34567
Ash x Lillie a love storyby molten Pokemon
a book about Ash and Lillie
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Born To Be A Winner - A Betrayal story by sailorearth82
Born To Be A Winner - A Betrayal sailorearth82
Ash has been betrayed by his companion. After 10 years, he plans on revenge on Pokemon Master Tournament with the help of all legendary Pokemon and his girlfriend, Lilli...
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Pokemon One Shots (Discontinued) by iToxicEcho
Pokemon One Shots (Discontinued)by Jason Gentile
Shipping one shots of pokemon No Lemons
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Fear - An Aureliashipping and Lonashipping Story by RoyaltyGamer
Fear - An Aureliashipping and 🇺🇸
[Best Rankings : #39 in Pokemon, #20 in Aureliashipping] After an unspeakable incident with her mother, Lillie Aether is afraid of Pokémon to the point where she can't e...
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Pokemaster Betrayed by CynetCTalker
Pokemaster Betrayedby ᴡᴡᴡ
Ash Ketchum after getting done the Kalos league expecting to be greeted by his friends and family but he wasn't. Living in Alola he doesn't want them to ruin his new lif...
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Mi Mas Grande Error Fue No Haber Estado Contigo (Version Alternativa) by DragonZeta97
Mi Mas Grande Error Fue No Haber DragonZeta97
Ash es un hombre que a sufrido por sacar adelante a sus hijos "Ashley y Red" los cuales tuvo con Serena, luego que ella los abandona por la fama y el dinero As...
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