Birthday Preperations

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Sorry about the accidental publishing that happened, those who saw got a sneak peek though.

Ash's POV

The three of us were now walking at a slower pace towards what looked like a cafe. "This is a malasada shop," Lillie told us. Pikachu and Dedenne stopping running around to look at the colourfully decorated store.

"Those look so good," I might have been drooling a little but who cares.

"Let's go eat," Bonnie said excitedly.

We entered the shop and went to the cashier. "What would you guys like?" The worker asked.

Bonnie and I looked at Lillie because we had no idea what to do. Lillie noticed and asked for 3 big malasadas.

"Are you guys paying separately?" The girl asked.

"I'll pay for everything," I told her. I kinda owe then both.

"Ash you don't have to." Lillie states.

"No it's fine, I kinda want to say sorry for rolling into you," I said laughing.

"Ash you can try out that new device Professor Oak gave you." Bonnie said to me.

"I can't pay with a Pokédex." I told her like she wasn't thinking.

"Do you remember what he told you?" But I was listening until he mentioned new Pokémon.

"I might have got side tracked." I said  scratching my cheek.

"Seems like Bonnie takes cares of you Ash," Lillie said giggling.

"Bring it out Ash," Bonnie told me.

I pulled out the rectangular device and turned it on. A screen popped out and I could see many different options.(looks kinda like the Unova Pokédex)

"Right there," Bonnie pointed out a small money sign.

"Wait so you've never accessed your bank/wallet before?" Lillie asked curious.

"Nope, 8 years of travelling and I've never tried it." I said not thinking about what I just said.

"8 years!" Lillie exclaimed."You've must have a lot of places but how did you pay for stuff?"

"My Mom sent money every once in awhile." I replied.

My wallet balance said $0. There goes that plan. "It says I don't have any money." I told them.

"Let me see Ash," I gave the PokeCom to Lillie."I think you need to open these things to get the money."

I scrolled through all the messages, there must have been 200 things in there. I might as well open one.

"Bonnie since your birthday is tomorrow, you can pick what one to open,"

Lillie's POV

I watched him help her pick what one.
He's obviously really good with her but why would they fly to Alola with nothing?

"Let's open the Kalos league one," I heard Bonnie say. The Kalos league final was one of the only battles I've ever watched. It terrifies me how the trainer Ash——— I look at Ash and then try to remember what the Ash from TV looked like. It's really him, the guy that lost somehow, the guy that would take pain just because of his Pokémon's bond with him.

"Lillie are you okay," Ash asked me. I snapped out of it and nodded. Maybe I should tell him.

"Here's your food," the lady said as she handed the tray to me.

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