The End of One is the Beginning of Another

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Ash's POV

"Team Rhythm," I said.

"They're a new organization after Meloetta," Lillie explained.

"Get ready because this isn't going to be easy," I say and release all the Pokémon I had on me that weren't tired.

"Meloetta stay with Lillie and I," I whisper. I think she understood and I got ready to say a lot of commands. "Torterra use frenzy plant to stop the charge."

The massive Pokémon stomped
forwards and sent spiky green roots right out of the ground. They made a wall between us and them while some of the faster grunts were hit up into the air.

"All Pokemon that can use double team charge and hit as many Pokémon as possible," I ordered. I noticed Sceptile step up. "You learned double team?"

He gave a so-so gesture and smiled. I rolled my eyes and kept saying orders, "They're probably after Meloetta, who is on Lillie's shoulder, so Pokémon that have powerful attacks stay back."

"Flying Pokémon fight theirs," Lillie added.

"Others just stay mid range and only fight if attacked." I finished.

"Everybody fromTeam Skull attack the left side," Guzma yelled. I gave him a thumbs up as the grunts that weren't defeated by us went ahead.

"Plumeria?" I asked confused.

"I kept my Salazzle to help out Guzma but you changed my mind after our battle," She answered and got ready for the upcoming battle.

"The roots are starting to disappear," Bonnie observed.

"Everyone get ready!" Kukui yelled.

As soon as the roots finished disappearing it was chaos. There were Sceptiles and Umbreons everywhere taking out the odd Pokémon.

Flying Pokémon were flying around at top speeds with attacks standing out from the night sky. I saw Staraptor go I recalled my first downed Pokémon. "Thanks buddy."

I noticed Lillie shivering, maybe she's cold. "Do you want my jacket?" I asked.

"It's the start of summer in Alola, I'm not cold," She sighed.

"Then why are you shivering so much?" I asked.

"Look around," She started. "Pokémon are getting hurt one by one because of one selfish person."

I hold her tightly in my arms, "It'll be okay," I promised. I wonder if it's time to bring Blobby out. I look behind me and I lock eyes with Suicune who has Professor Oak beside him. It was almost like a "prove yourself" look.

"Ash we need help over here," I heard Meyer yell. I leave Lillie with Pikachu and run over to the far right of the battle.

I noticed Meyer's Blaziken returning to its original form meaning he's knocked out. "I only brought him with me and Lusamine's aren't here either." Meyer explained.

"Go back towards Suicune," I command and bring out my legendary Pokémon. They nod and run off towards Po Town.

"You really think that green blob can beat us," One grunt taunted. I looked in front of me and saw about 3 Loudred, 2 Golbat and a Hitmontop.

"Blobby go into the dog form," I say. "It looks the coolest." He sighs but follows my command anyways.

The night sky now had hundreds of green streaks going through it. They all ended at Blobby though as he grew into a black dog with a few green shards everywhere.

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