Magic in the Clouds

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Ash's POV

"Electroweb!" I order. Passiman turns and Spiritomb hits the monkey with the ghost type attack. The attack causes no damage and my normal type smirks. He throws the bright yellow web over Spiritomb, tacking him to the ground like a tack on a bulletin board.

"Try your fighting and normal type moves," Royce taunts since his Pokémon is helpless in a sticky situation.

"Don't worry we have a dark type move that will cause damage," I smirk. "Beat up."

"Noooooo!" Royce yells. "Spiritomb you have to get out of there!"

The ghost and dark type struggles but it's not going anywhere. "It's not a super powerful attack," I sweat drop. "What's the big deal?"

Passiman brings back his fist and nails Spiritomb in the face. Well there's not many places to hit him other than his face. This sets of a chain reaction of punches flying out of nowhere and hitting Spiritomb. It's like they won't stop hitting the Pokémon that I'm kind of feeling bad for.

Eventually the attack stops, leaving Royce's powerhouse unconscious. "That was cool," I shrug.

"Beat up hits for every one of your active and healthy Pokémon," Royce sighs. "Since you have no limit, every single one of your Pokémon got their licks in."

"That's cool," I chuckle. "Sorry for taking advantage of it."

"It's technically fair I guess," Royce dismisses it. "I guess Medicham and I are going to have to finish the job quickly."

He releases the psychic and fighting type. Then he flips down his glasses over his eyes and presses the side of them. "Medicham it's time to reach that next level, mega evolve."

His glasses glow brightly as does Medicham, I squint to see what happening but it's too bright to see anything happening. Once it dies down I can see a newly mega evolved Medicham. I haven't noticed the weird battlefield until now for some reason but I can tell that it won't really help us face this beast of a Pokémon.

 I haven't noticed the weird battlefield until now for some reason but I can tell that it won't really help us face this beast of a Pokémon

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"Medicham suppress the field with psychic," Royce smirks.

Whatever mechanism that's moving the rolling hills is completely stopped by her abilities. The ground under Passiman is slowly giving up while he fights to stand up on his feet. He succumbs to the increase in pressure and now has no chance of getting up.

This battle has been full of one Pokémon completely immobilizing the other and easily defeating them. I want to change that but Medicham is too strong for Passiman and I can't change that I'm the next few minutes.

The only thing I can do is help my next Pokémon's chances...

"Medicham finish it with high jump kick!" Royce yells. She strolls along the hills slowly, almost playing with my screwed Pokémon.

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