Hello Akala Island

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Ash's POV

"Where are we?" I asked no one in particular. Pikachu started talking with all his look-alikes and they pointed to a bright blue trailer with a Pikachu face on the side.

Pikachu went to climb in but was knocked down by one of them coming out. I walk over and then a Pikachu hit me when I tried to get in. "Probably just a coincidence." I keep trying and more and more Pikachu kept hitting me on my way in.

I could hear them all laughing at me but I'm going to get to the bottom of this. I fake and one comes out so I sprint in. I did it, I did it. I have done the impossible.

There was a small table with a black box in it. I open it carefully and there was a ThunderStone. Bonnie could use this, I take it as my reward and walk back outside.

"What's in your hand Ash?" Lillie asked me.

"A present for Bonnie," I gave her and she squealed once she saw what it was.

"Thanks Ash," She gave me a hug, "But you can't just take it."

"It was some sort of reward I think," I said. Suddenly one of Bonnie's Pokeballs burst open and out came Eevee.

"Eev Eevee Vee," She said gesturing to the green stone with the yellow thunderbolt.

"Eevee wants to evolve," Squishy translated waking up.

"Really?" Bonnie smiled big. Eevee nodded. "Yayyy!" She twirled Eevee in the air. Once she set her down Eevee placed her paw on the stone.

She glowed bright white and transformed into a familiar Pokémon called Jolteon. "Jolt."

"Congratulations," Lillie said smiling kindly like she always does. Bonnie ran around with Jolteon, this place is really nice if you can ignore the massive amounts of Pikachus.

"I think if we head out of here and East we should get to HeaHea City," Lillie said looking at the map on her Pokédex. Have Pokedexs always had maps?

"Ok," I respond and call out to Bonnie," It's time to go."

"Can't we stay a little longer and train?" Bonnie argues. I do like training.

"I'll set up for lunch," Lillie said and started taking a collection of things out of our bags.

"The feather!" I hear Lillie scream. I see her running after the rainbow coloured feather that was caught in the wind. I run over and help her chase it. I was right behind her and she tripped on a branch, of course I did right after.

"That was close," I say holding myself over her with my arms. She flipped over and we locked eye contact for a few seconds. She really has beautiful green eyes.

"Uh-h," She stutters.

"I'm going to get the feather first," I whisper smirking. She looks to the side at the feather that was now resting on the ground. She smirked and pushed me off to the side.

She then started crawling over to it as I was laying down. I got up and started running to the feather. I start stumbling and I manage to fall right in front of the sparkling object.

I reach out, "I got it." I wasn't the only one that spoke though. I look up and see both of our hands on the feather. Suddenly the feather grew brighter, we took our hands off and the light dimmed.

"What just happened?" I asked the universe. I reach out and touch the feather again but nothing happened. Lillie touched it with me and it started glowing again. I took mine off and it dimmed again.

"Do you wanna just forget about this until it matters?" I ask.

"Yep moment over," She laughs and I help her up. "I'll go put this back."

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