A Win and A Gift

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Lillie's POV

"So you're just going to wait for Ash?" I ask Kiawe.

"Yep," He responds while staring intently down the crack that I tried coming up.

"Like a coward," I taunt.

"Strategy," He growls.

"Whatever you say," I shrug.

I keep brushing Snowy's cold fur as I try to stop myself from breaking down. I can't believe I lost in two hits without even weakening Turtonator. "Bree," She nuzzles me.

"I'm fine," I mumble.

"I'm sure you did your best," Mallow comes and sits beside me on a large rock off to the side. "I got beat pretty quickly too."

"But I left Ash with no advantage whatsoever," I sigh.

"I didn't leave one for Kiawe either," Mallow laughs. "We both got beat pretty badly. And Kiawe is too big of a scaredy-Litten to go fight Ash," Mallow yells the last part.

"Can you girls be quiet?" Kiawe says while focusing on the same spot.

"Can you battle right?" I taunt.

"I don't think so," Mallow laughs. "He relies too much on his dancing."

"Ugh," He groans still not looking towards us.

"What's up guys?" I hear a voice.

I look back and Ash is crouching there with the three Pokémon. "Why'd you go right up the main path?" I ask.

"Wait there's another way up?" He asks confused.

"Should have seen that coming," I sigh and point towards the path Kiawe was staring at. "Watch out for Turtonator's back," I remind him.

"Oh hey Ash," Mallow says a little too loudly. "Oops."

"Lucario use close combat!" Ash yells knowing Kiawe probably heard Mallow.

Turtonator didn't see Lucario appear from the shadows and deliver the attack that includes some punching. "Fire back with flamethrower!"

"Dodge," Ash orders.

The fire type attack lightened up the whole area but Lucario was only nicked by the attack. Both Pokémon are now out in the open in front of the Ruins of Life.

"Aerial ace!"

"Turn around!" Kiawe yells.

"Jump," Ash expertly orders.

The bipedal fighting type leaped over and struck the fire and dragon type in the stomach while doing a flip. "Dragon pulse!" Kiawe yells.

Turtonator shook his head an fired the purplish attack. "Dodge and then try to use psychic," Ash commands.


Lucario focused all his energy at the turtle Pokémon after quickly getting out of the way of the dragon pulse. Turtonator was slowly lifted up into the air before getting slammed back into the ground.

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