Getting Back on Track

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Lillie's POV


What was that? I sit up quickly and look over where Ash should have been. I lean over the edge and see him laughing to himself while looking straight up.

"You good?" I giggle.

"Yep," He says. I reach out my hand to pull him back up but instead he pulls me down.

"Ahh," I scream as I fall towards the ground but he caught me and laid me beside him.

"Got you," He laughs.

"Ughh," I punched him in the side while giggling myself. I hear the door open and my mom walks in.

"Must have been a crazy sleep eh?" She smirked.

"Mooooommmm," I yell and run after her leaving Ash on the floor.

"I was just joking," She got out in between laughs.

"Not funny," I pout.

"It is when you loovvve him," My sister teased.

Bonnie hi-fives Lusamine as they laugh at my red face. "She didn't deny it," Lusamine pointed out.

"I- uh - um," I stutter as more blood rushes to my face. Bonnie was giggling on the floor out of control.

"Can you quiet down?" Gladion said from the couch as we made our way into the living room.

"It's important," Bonnie argues.

"What's more important than sleep?" Gary said with a pillow over his face.

"Lillie admitting she loves Ash," Bonnie said nonchalantly while sitting down with Star.

"What!?" Gary jumped up from the couch. "A girl fell in love with him before me!? I failed in life."

"It's okay," Bonnie patted him on the back. "Dying alone isn't that bad." He dramatically flopped on the couch and he may have been crying I don't know.

"What's so good about Ketchum anyways?" Gladion scoffed. He made a mistake saying that though.

"Awww, Gladion is being an overprotective big brother," Lusamine laughed and hugged him from behind.

I couldn't help but giggle at his face of disgust. "Good morning," I heard Ash greet as he walked in. I blushed and hid myself in the couch Gladion was on. "Did I miss something?" He asked.

"Nope," I said before anyone else could. I sat up and noticed the sun rising. "How long did we sleep?"

"A long time," Meowth said as he walked in. "I'm going to fly home and get the Pokémon that need to be transferred ready." He hands us out two eggs and flies off on Talonflame.

"Zor," Zorua ran up and sat between us while Pikachu curled up on the top of the couch.

"We should probably wait until Meowth transfers our team over then," Ash suggested and took the blue and black egg out of its case. "I wonder who will come out of our eggs."

"Me too," I say and suddenly the one in his arms starts glowing. I set down the other egg case on the floor to make room for the egg between us.

It glowed on and off for a bit before gradually glowing brightly. "Ri!" It cheered. It looked at Ash and then me while sitting in between our laps.

"It's a Riolu," Gary observed. "I've never seen one up close." He came over but I pushed him away with my legs. I glared at him to say "don't ruin this moment". He smirked and sat back down.

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