Tricks and Travels

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Ash's POV

The ghost Pokémon and duck Pokémon stare each other down, waiting to see who will make the first move. Not the first attack, the first trick. The two forces will collide at full power until a victor prevails.

This is war.

A war to decide who's the best prankster in all the land.

Both of their brains are going through all of their old tricks. But I don't know how much you can do when they're expecting it and so close as well. Because of this, it leaves an opening to a third party.

"Mi," The small electric type bunny creeps forward with her blue cheeks sparking a little. "Nunnn!"

Electricity engulfs the two Pokémon who were supposed to be the ones doing the pranking. Minun prances around happy with her work. "Looks like Minun won the battle," Lillie giggles.

"She may have won the battle, but the war isn't over," I joke.

Gengar and Ducklett recover and stare down the electric type. The two start talking back and forth until their faces become filled with joy, evil joke.

Gengar now has his usual smirk and he sinks into the ground, turning into a dark purple blur. He moves along the ground, twisting and turning to stay out of Minun's view.

Gengar creeps out of the ground and his small figure expands so he can tower over Minun. "Geng," He whispers so she stops moving. Gengar pokes her gently so she turns around slowly. His long arms start to wrap around her creepily.

"Mi!" She rubs the opposite direction with her focus still on the slowly following ghost and poison type. Minun ends up running into the waiting Ducklett's wings.

"Duck," He quacks with his big, bold eyes. Ducklett salutes the sky and opens his beak, releasing a burning hot scald attack.

Minun runs around trying to get rid of the burn before remembering that there's a lake right beside her. She jumps in relieves of the pain, standing in the picture perfect water.

"Seems like the tides have turned," Lillie comments. "Minun probably should have stayed out of it."

"Minun has back up now," I chuckle at the newest addition to this intense war.

Snivy, without getting up from her rock, lifts Minun up into the air. Minun starts making it rain electro balls on the two teamed up Pokémon. The small orbs of electricity crash down on the surprised Gengar and Ducklett.

Minun giggles as she continues the onslaught of attacks. Cheering in between each successful hit. Gengar starts counter attacking with his own kind of ball attack. Shadow balls form in his arms before shooting up into the sky at the air born cheering Pokémon.

Snivy masterfully keeps Minun from getting hit while some of the attacks collide, filling the sky with smoke. Gengar on the other hand can't dodge forever, even with his advanced speed.

So Ducklett's job is to get rid of the problem. He walks towards Snivy who's keeping on a close eye on the water type. His yellow beak opens with an ice beam charging.

Snivy glares and sighs at the Pokémon. She retracts her vines, leaving Minun flightless and defenceless. Snivy has always been an independent Pokémon.

"Snivy knows the importance of self care," Lillie giggles while the Pokémon resumes her nap.

"I was surprised she joined in the first place," I admit. "She's a mystery for sure."

"Her vine maneuvers were pretty impressive," Lillie points out. "Maybe this is actually really good training for the league."

"Just like I planned," I state and Lillie rolls her eyes.

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