Fishing is Usually Boring, Usually

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Ash's POV

"I wonder what the challenge could be," I thought out loud.

"Hopefully you'll be good at it," Lillie said and Pikachu and Zorua who were on her shoulders laughed.

"Maybe we can do it with you," Bonnie said eager to get involved. She had Dedenne and Star out in her arms while Squishy was sleeping in her little bag.

"Depends on the challenge," I said. "It's starting to look a lot more swampy." I pointed out.

"And humid," Lillie said fanning herself with her hat. Her long blonde hair was blowing in the wind... "Ash?" I snapped out of the trance and saw her waving her hand.

"Sorry," I said scratching my cheek.

"Mi," Minun gave a giggle and poked my cheek. I poked it back and it laughed.

"Brooklet Hill is that way," Lillie read off the sigh pointing to a swampy looking entrance.

"Let's go," I cheered and we walked through the swamp. I could a see a lake up ahead with a wooden dock going out a few metres.

"Hello?" I called out. Was I supposed to tell someone we were coming?

"You must be a trial goer," a blue haired girl came out of nowhere on a Lapras. She was wearing a white no sleeve shirt and long baggy shorts with a design like water.

"I'm Ash Ketchum and I'm going to win my next trial here," I said confidently.

"Well first you have to pass the challenge," She said pulling out a fishing rod. "I'm Lana by the way."

"I'm Lillie and this is Bonnie," Lillie introduced themselves. "I'm guessing the challenge is fishing."

"You are correct," Lana said extending her fishing rod. "You have to catch and bond with a water type Pokémon before you battle."

"We can use our new fishing rods," Bonnie cheered.

"Is it okay that we fish too?" Lillie asked.

"Of course," Lana said brightly. "I love when people are eager to fish. You get to cast a line, hook the fish expertly and then battle for its heart." She said passionately. She must really love water types and fishing. "It's going to be hard for all of us to fit on my Lapras though."

"That won't be a problem," Lillie smiled at me. "Ash can solve that problem."

"I can?" I asked confused.

"Check your pokeballs," Bonnie said jumping in excitement. Let's see... There's Pikachu's, Litten's, Bagon's, Pikipek's, Minun's and Greninja's. Wait there's one more, I thought I sent Dewott back last night.

"Cmon out," I say as I throw the pokeball in the air.

"Laaaa," Lapras came and nuzzles me with its head. I looked at Lillie to explain.

"Lapras was worried about you and decided to leave her family to become your Pokémon," Lillie explained.

"Lapraaass," Lapras agreed.

"I'm glad to have you back," I told the now mature Lapras. "Do you want to help us then?" It nodded eagerly and hopped in the water beside Lana's.

"I'll go with Lana," Bonnie said pulling out her rod and carefully climbing on Lapras's shell.

I climbed on my Lapras and gave Lillie a hand. I got a nice warm feeling again when I helped her up. Weird. "Let's go towards the middle," I instructed and he started swimming towards the middle. Once we got to a nice spot we casted our lines.

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