Strategic Battling

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Ash's POV

"Split up and hide," I command. Ducklett and Gengar quickly make their way into the dense forest, hidden from all views. The cameramen are going to have a hard time recording all the action in this battle.

"Two can play that game," Hanno smirks. "Golem get underground, Gardevoir teleport into the leaves of a tree."

Now all four Pokémon are out of view, not the best battle for TV so far. Someone has to make the first move but there's not much either of us can do. "Future sight!" Hanno yells. Great.

The psychic attack will eventually hit my Pokémon, no matter how well they're hiding. "I guess it's go time," I state. "Ducklett how about you cool this place down with rain dance. Gengar turn invisible and use shadow punch straight up into the air."

The blue duck Pokémon squawks loudly and dark grey clouds start to hide the sun as well. A lot of hiding going on today. A rumble of thunder rumbles the stadium before rain droplets start falling from the sky. It turned from a small drizzle into a full on downpour.

I can see water dripping off my hat while trying to see if what I did this for will happen. I wipe the water that my hat didn't stop from going on my face, then I look around into the flailing crowd. A fair amount of them have umbrellas or ponchos but not everyone. I can see Lillie in the front row with an ice structure over her head.

Good thing she has two ice types with her, but I'm definitely going to hear about this when the battle is over.

But we're not the only things getting soaked, the trees are getting hammered so hard that the ground underneath is also getting wet. Very wet in this case.

Mud is already forming at the surface and I know that Golem will like that. While Hanno is preoccupied with the rain and his rock type, Gengar's purple fist attack flies high into the air before diving back in the trees. Shadow punch can't miss the Pokémon so I'm feeling pretty confident that the super effective attack on Gardevoir is going to give me a big advantage.

"Duuuuuuuuck!" A cry comes from the forest.

"Golem didn't come up through the watered down dirt did he?" I ask no one in particular.

"I didn't tell him to," Hanno shrugs. "Maybe it's Arceus helping me out."

Maybe but then Ducklett comes flailing out of the forest with a ghostly fist chasing him. "Oops," I sweat drop. "Ducklett use air slash to defend yourself."

The Unova native Pokémon goes to do his signature salute before shooting out the pressured gust of wind. Ducklett brings one of his wings to his head but then the ghost type attack nails him the face. "Good teamwork guys," I laugh.

Ducklett falls down comically while Gengar continues to hide out in the trees. "Golem use discharge quickly!" Hanno yells. "Time for some fried chicken."

The command took me and Ducklett by surprise so he couldn't get off the ground in time. I watch the yellow glow fly along the water flooded ground until electrocuting him. The ground must've absorbed some of the damage because Ducklett is able to get up under his own power.

"We don't like fried chicken," I smirk and Ducklett cheers. "Actually it is pretty good."

Hanno goes to respond but then portals open up in the sky and I start getting Anistar City Gym flashbacks. "Gengar use shadow punch quickly and follow it to hopefully Gardevoir this time!" I yell.

I couldn't see Gengar follow my order but I know where Ducklett is and no punch is coming his way this time. Except something stronger is heading his way...

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