Battling Fish and a Festival Badly Planned

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Ash's POV

"Time to battle," I said standing up.

"Help clean up first," Lillie told me. "Bonnie can you return all of our Pokémon."

"Chinchou return," I heard Bonnie say. She must have caught one, good thing it was an electric type.

"So his does the battle work?" I ask Lana.

"You battle with one Pokémon that can move in the water against my WishiWashi," She states. "And you have to use the Pokémon you caught during the challenge," she laughed.

"You're screwed," Lillie laughed. Let's hope WishiWashi is a small Pokémon.

"I believe in Magikarp," I lie to them and myself.

"Get in your Lapras and let's go then," Lana said and skipped over to her Lapras. I walk over and jump in Lapras.

"We'll watch from here," I nod to them and I head to the middle on Lapras.

"I choose you Magikarp," I say and he came out. He wasn't splashing around though, he was swimming somewhat agile and looked ready to battle. "You got this."

"Time to swim to victory," Lana says and released a small white fish. It had blue fins and looked like it's eyes were watery somehow.

"This should be easy," I tell Magikarp.

"Will it Ash?" Lana smirked. The water turned darker and WishiWashi went underwater. The water pushed up and out cane a larger fish that was the size of a bus.

"What happened?" I said stunned. My hopes just went down the drain.

"This is WishiWashi's school form," Lana said. Then the orange aura flared, "They as one are the totem Pokémon."

"Karp Magi Karp," He said still not backing down.

"You don't scare us," I say acting confidently but who am I kidding? It's a magikarp vs a massive fish that gets extra help from special powers.

"Ok then WishiWashi use water gun," The fish Pokémon instantly shot the stream of water.

"Get underwater," I yell hoping to take the least amount of damage until I come up with a plan. Magikarp went underwater and the attack flew beside me. "That was close."

"Follow him," Lana said and the large blue fish dive under. I don't even know if Magikarp knows anything but splash.

Lillie's POV

"Why would he use Magikarp?" I sighed. Is he trying to prove something?

"Maybe he had to use the Pokémon he caught," Bonnie said as Magikarp charged at WishiWashi. At least he knows tackle.

"He could have used Meloetta then," I joked.

"Mela," She cheered from the riverbank. I can see a bunch of regular WishiWashi jumping off the main fish and attacking Magikarp.

"That could be a beat up attack," I said trying to figure out what's happening. Magikarp is just getting hammered while occasionally dodging underwater. "He needs a plan."

"Why is he looking at his wrist?" Bonnie pointed out. Maybe he's smarter than I give him credit for.

Ash's POV

Hala said to use a z-move you can just say z and then the original move. And I think normal attacks turn into a powerful tackle attack.

"Magikarp use z-splash," Splash is a normal type move so it should work. Magikarp glowed white and and started moving fast in a circle. The movement created a huge splash of water and Magikarp looked stronger.

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