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Lillie's POV

"That was easy," I exclaimed as the group of Passiman fled. "I even caught one," I giggled as I threw the pokeball at him.

"The queen of battling has appeared," He mock bowed while laughing.

"Come on lets head back," I suggest after getting the rest of the ingredients I needed.

We walked back slowly had the wind blew against us. I could see the light from where our clearing was but after we adjusted to the sun we saw a guy in the Team Rhythm uniform and a pink music note.

"Give Meloetta back!" I heard Bonnie scream.

"Meleeeaaa," She screamed as an electric case held her from escaping. Ash released Greninja and they confronted the guy.

"Let her go," Ash snapped.

"Ash?" The bigger guy asked. He came out of the shade and Ash could see his face clearly.

"Tierno!?" Ash exclaimed.

"It's Timbre now," He corrected.

"Why would you join a criminal organization?" Bonnie questioned.

"We aren't criminals," Timbre declares. "We take Pokémon that would be better with pro dancers and singers."

"You do know that whoever your boss is just wants a legendary like Meloetta," I screamed at him.

"You're no better than Team Rocket!" Bonnie spat. That must've hit him hard because he released Meloetta and she flew over to Ash. She cried into his shoulder and he was trying to calm her down.

"I thought we were doing a good thing," Tierno said gloomily while sitting down.

"You might have been but the goals aren't," I consoled.

"Now what do I do?" He cried out. "I don't want to go back but if I don't they will come after me."

"You could be an undercover spy," I suggested.

He looked up and nodded. "I'll contact you guys if I have news." And with that he left as quick as he came.

"Why would Tierno join Team Rhythm?" Bonnie said in disbelief.

"He just likes to move and groove," Ash shrugged.

"Hey Mallow you okay over there?" I asked the shivering green haired girl.

"How do you guys deal with all of this daily?" She asked. We shrug and I pour out our ingredients onto the cooking station that was set up.

I gave a few commands to Ash as I did most of the work. "Almost done," I announce as I pull out the meat from the oven.

I put together the finishing touches and serve the finished dish. "This is amazing Lillie," Ash gushed in between mouthfuls of food.

"You helped too," I blushed.

"Not really," Bonnie laughed.

"So next is the trial battle," Mallow announced as we finished up lunch. "You and Lillie will get one Pokémon each."

"I get to battle too," I said excitedly.

"Looks like Ash might win then," Bonnie teased. He rolled his eyes and stood up ready to battle.

"You know it's true," I giggled.

"Lurantis it's time to battle," Mallow announced. A large pink Pokémon came out into our sight.

 A large pink Pokémon came out into our sight

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