Valentines Special Oneshot

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We hit 1k reads. Thanks so much guys. Big thanks to AshuraSkywalkers  and Shogunlordpoke  because they always comment and have given me really good ideas. But still, thanks to everyone else that has commented and keeps reading every new chapter.

Hope you enjoy this NON-CANON to the story one shot.

Bonnie's POV

I've been waiting forever for this day. February 14th. The best day for shippers, all hoping their OTPs get together. Most go solo but I'm gonna need some help to get Ash and Lillie together.

"Bonnie are they gone?" I heard a whisper from the back door.

"You can come out now Moon." I told the black haired girl.

"Have you came up with the perfect plan yet?" Moon asked me.

"I have some ideas but no guarantees." I said to her.

"We will think of one soon but where are the two?" She asked me.

"I think they went to Iki town for some festival." I cleared up.

"I think I have an idea," Moon came up and whispered the idea just in case.

Lillie's POV

"How did you not know it was Valentine's Day?" I screamed at the boy beside me.

"Sorry," Ash tries to calm me down, "I thought they just had random festivals."

"Whatever," Why do I like Ash?

We were walking on route 1 towards Iki town. Ash somehow got us lost and we're going to be late now. "I think Moon was going to me-ahh." I could see the ground approaching fast then suddenly someone grabbed me.

I look up to see Ash smiling at me. "How are you going to dance if you can't walk?" He laughed at me.

Bonnie's POV

"Good job Bulbasaur," I praises the Seed Pokemon quietly.

"Let's watch our OTP get together now," Moon said smiling eager for a success.

"Why is Lillie's face turning red?" I asked. "It doesn't look like a blush."

"Uh-oh." Moon said worried. I watched Lillie get up and then she leaned in and...Punched Ash in the shoulder.

"Lillie wait up," I saw Ash run off after her.

I turn to Moon, "that worked great." I said sarcastically.

"It wasn't my fault Ash is a total doofus," she said annoyed.

"Time for Plan B," I said," My Plan this time. We hurried off in the direction of the festival. This could go very wrong...

Lillie's POV

I decide to forgive Ash because I really want today to be great. I try to get him to dance but he won't budge. Ugghh.

I see Moon walk over, I run up to her but she had her path set on Ash. I told her I liked Ash but why is she leading Ash towards where everyone else dancing.

I watched in jealousy wondering why she would do this.

Bonnie's POV

I see Moon start the plan and dance with Ash. Then I see her give a playful wink to Lillie. That set off Lillie, she went storming towards The Ruins Of Conflict.

"Good job Moon," I sighed. I go to take Moon away and give up on our one goal. Now Moon and Ash are arguing.

Ash's POV

"Moon why did you bring me over here?" I asked her fearing for my safety.

"I just want to dance with you," she said flirtatiously.

"But I kind of wanted to dance with Lillie." I said back.

"Too late now because she left," motioning to the now empty bench they we were sitting on.

"I'm going to go find her." I said and ran off towards Mahalo Trail because I know she likes the scenery there.

Lillie's POV

Here I am still not with Ash and all alone on a bridge. The sun reflecting down the river looked really nice. The sunset looked perfect for a cliché Valentine's Day but not with my luck.

"Lillie," I heard someone yell at me. I noticed Ash running towards me slowing down a bit at the bridge.

"Ash why are you here?" I asked still annoyed at him for dancing with Moon.

"When Moon dances with me I realized I wanted to dance with you instead." He said with a small blush.

Bonnie's POV

I see Lillie and Ash leaning in. Almost there and "Pikachuuuu," I wake up to hear a scream.

Just a dream, just my luck...


I hope you enjoyed this small oneshot. Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for reading.

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