Not Everyone Gets a Happy Ending

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The book hit two major milestones so this is a special chapter for the occasion. Also this means the final battle between Ash and Gladion will be in the next chapter instead, you guys probably aren't looking forward to it anyway...

Anyways I wouldn't skip this chapter because it is full of hints...

Clemont's POV

"This feels so weird," Iris sighs.

We're currently sitting in the bright blue seats of HeaHea City International Airport. After finally standing up to the girls we were left with no one to go back to. Iris suggested we go to the Village of Dragons since the Elder may help us.

There's nothing certain about anything though.

We wanted to apologize to Ash but it's not hard to figure out that it's too late for us to make up for everything we said to him. So we'll have to live with the guilt for a very long time, but of course it's nothing compared to how Ash probably felt.

Now Iris and I are springing forward into the next chapter of our lives without that happy ending like moment with Ash...

"You'll have to be more specific," I state. "There's a lot of weird feelings in all of this."

"What I mean is that I spent my whole journey with Ash hoping he would win the league," Iris states. "I loved making fun of him to drive him farther but in the end I guess I only wanted to be friends with a winner."

"I know what you mean," I nod my head as she rests her's on my shoulder. "Serena, Bonnie, and I all wanted Ash to reach his dream with us by his side. Winning the Kalos League wasn't just his goal, it was all of our's."

"What went wrong?" Iris slowly starts to melt down.

I nervously wrap an arm around her to comfort her. "I've thought about that before," I sigh. "I was never fully into the idea of telling Ash to give up but I went with it anyway. If only I had the same amount of bravery as my little sister."

Iris chuckles lightly and looks up into my eyes. "I liked her. Maybe I just wanted to be like the other girls since they were all pretty accomplished compared to me."

"Well it doesn't matter I guess but I think you've done some pretty amazing things too," I smile. "I wonder if I'll ever have a normal relationship with Bonnie again."

"She's going to grow into a mature young woman," Iris assures me. "And with a mentor like Ash I'm sure she'll eventually learn to forgive you, and maybe Ash will too."

"Time is our answer," I quote from some book I've read.

"We'll have lots of time to burn together until then," Iris jokes.

"Might as well make the most of it," I add.

"Clemont lets start over once we get there," Iris suggests. "You, me, and the Village of Dragons."

"I'd like that," I agree. "And maybe it'll all work out in the end."

"Okay just go easy on the inventions," Iris giggles. "I can only handle so many explosions per day."

"I'll try," I chuckle.

Passengers boarding Flight Dragon-Air 0512, please go to Gate 12 to start boarding.

"Ready?" I ask.

"More than ready," Iris states confidently. "Except I have a feeling Ash's battle is going to be shown on the flight."

"Then we'll get to cheer him on one last time," I grab her one carry on.

We board the plane and after a few moments, the engines start running and we are zooming off into the afternoon sky. Our future is bright, and it's because of something other than science. I look over at Iris who is fiddling with her hair while waiting for the battle to start.

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