A Growing Family

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Important A/N at end of the chapter for anyone who has gave/giving me OCs.

Ash's POV

"Thanks Nurse Joy," I say and head down the hall. We decided that a nice cozy hotel room would be better than camping last night. Especially since Lillie was still shivering after we got out the cave.

Sleeping beauty is also still asleep as of when I left the room early this morning. Yesterday was a long and cold night and today might not be any different based on our luck. At the very least it will be busy since I want to get lots of last minute training in.

That's the reason why I moved around some Pokémon with Meowth a few minutes ago. One of them is beside me doing her special training. "How's the training going?" I ask Snivy.

She rolls her eyes, knowing that it isn't really training. I planned to get breakfast for Lillie and I this morning but I didn't plan for a mystery package to come in for us. I was told it it fragile, hence why Snivy is carrying it cautiously with her vines.

In my arms, a long tray of various breakfast items that smell amazing. Hopefully Lillie is up and ready to eat so I don't have to wait.

The other switches I made were to get Minun and send back Absol, Gardevoir and Gallade. So now we have the sneaky electric type and Gengar the prankster. As long as no one gets involved with those two, they shouldn't be able to do too much damage.

I set down the tray and slide the key card into the fancy slot. Science is so amazing isn't it. I slowly open the door and the hall lights flood our dark room. I close the door behind me and use the sunlight peeking through to find the queen sized bed.

"You awake yet?" I say softly in the direction I think Lillie's in.

"Awake but barely surviving," She groans, her voice muffled by the blankets that are most likely over her head.

"Let me turn on a light," I chuckle.

"Noooo," Lillie moans. "Light is bad."

"But then we can't see the food," I laugh.

"Food," I hear the white sheets fly up. "Food is good."

"You're crazy in the mornings," I say and run my hands around the walls until I find the light switch. "There."

"That's a lot Ash," She says and sits up against the head board.

"Food gives energy," I state. "Energy is good," I joke. I sit beside her and pull the tray over our legs.

"Pancakes with whipped cream are the best," Lillie awes in between bites.

"True," I agree. "You're wasting whipped cream all over your face though."

I chuckle and grab a napkin. I wipe it all over her face, even though there was only a small spot. "Thanks," She says sarcastically. "You didn't have to use a napkin though."

"What do you mean?" I question.

"Never mind," She sigh. "I noticed you got Snivy."

"I want to do some extra training with her," I state.

"Sniv," She says and points at the cardboard box on the floor. Hidden from Lillie's view.

"I also needed help carrying some stuff here," I add.

"But you only brought in one tray," Lillie points out.

"Snivy how about you bring it up," I state.

She sighs and moves the food tray to our feet so there's lots of room for the box. The Unova grass type places the box on Lillie's and I's lap, it only takes about half of us. Being a cube shape, almost anything could be inside, big or small, any shape.

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