Let the Cermony Begin

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Bonnie's POV

"And now we present to you... This year's Flower Cermony participants!" The announcer booms.

"Ready guys?" I whisper as the thirty-two of us start moving towards the entrance to the stage.

I took a look at the stage yesterday and it's huge. The wooden floor boards are stained black to give it that overdramatic feel. The stage itself is adjacent to the ocean and the sand made the stage look uneven. The combination of black, white and blue looked perfect for a romantic walk. But now it's time to see it from a different perspective.

As soon as I got out into the open under the setting sun, wow. Stands filled to the max with people and Pokémon look intimidating and I wasn't expecting them all. Once everyone appears from behind the black curtain, it is time to start.

"We have quite a showing this year," Sarah announces from the middle of the stage. "And we will be having a very intense three days of action!"

The crowd made every sort of sound they could in response. Bleachers banged, mouths cheered and hands clapped. If any of us didn't have any nerves, we do now.

"Tonight will be for explaining how this thing is going to work."

"The theme round is going to be taking place over the course of tomorrow, followed by the appeal and battle rounds on their separate days."

"There will be eight groups of four for the theme round. There will be three challenges, a fashion show, a race and a quiz. Of course there will be twists though."

"Competitors will get 3 points for a first place, 2 points for a second place and 1 point for third. The top two will move on to the appeal round!"

"The appeal round will feature two appeals per contestant. Both a max of 2 minutes. There will be three judges who will rate the act out of ten, giving a maximum of a sixty points for the round. Top four scorers will move on where battles will be randomized."

"The battle round will be a simple double battle. Battle until both Pokémon on one side are unable to battle."

"And the winner of that will become the newest Flower Champion!"

That's a lot to take in. I nod in approval with the rest of the competitors as we wait for the next part of the ceremony. "I now have the honour of introducing our special guest!"

"Give a big round of applause for the one and only Lusamine Aether!" Sarah claps.

My mom walks up to the stage from her own seat in the stands. I look around quickly and see Lillie with her mouth wide open. She didn't know either.

"Alola would not be as beautiful without her and her team's conservation work. We all thank you for your service to Alola and we hope that you will continue."

"Of course," My Mom smiles, only a few people away from me. "And I can only do it with the help I receive." She looks my direction and winks before looking out towards Lillie and Ash and doing the same.

"I also would like to wish all of the competitors here good luck and I can't wait to watch it all happen," She finishes.

"Thank you," Sarah bows as Lusamine leaves the stage. "And now I call up Kahili, a past winner to the stage. It is her honour to light the flower on fire."

A giant stone flower stretched out in front of the stage. The petals are probably the size of me and they are dug out in the middle. The middle of the flower however is where Kahili is standing there with a white torch. "In the name of our guardians," Kahili states. "I officially start this competition."

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