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Third Person's POV

Mount Hokulani stands tall on Ula'ula island with its pair Mount Lanakila by its side. The previously almost inhabited mountain is now the home of the only person to be known as the Alola Champion.

It's been more than four years since the day Ash Ketchum reached his goal. Now, with his wife Lillie by his side, they're raising a mountain full of Pokémon to their greatest potential.

"I don't know why we needed to catch so many Pokémon," Lillie giggles while walking through one of the many paths with Ash.

"What would a Pokémon researcher be without an army of Pokémon to study?" Ash asks jokingly while holding Lillie close with one arm. "And I know you secretly want more."

"They're just all so special," Lillie sighs. "Toxic can keep up with Latias."

"That Crobat is always first," Ash chuckles. "And Vent is always there to keep everyone safe."

"Skarmory is definitely a family guy," Lillie laughs. "He has the same amount of energy as Arcanine."

"I think Rocket has more energy," Ash argues. "He's always bursting away at something."

They continue walking until stopping to watch some of the water Pokémon play in a lake. "Sya sure loves the water," Lillie giggles at the playful Froakie. "And Zie loves the waterfall just as much." They watch the fighting type hit the water repeatedly.

Their playful Rockruff tumbled out of the trees to meet their trainer. Rocky is definitely a future warrior for Ash's team. And Guardian, a vulpix will be right beside Rocky along the way since they've become training partners.

Ash and Lillie keep walking up the mountain and a few of their ice types come down to say hi. Their Frosglass flies down gracefully. "Hey Froot!" Ash waves. "Where's Perdy?"

Just then, two Alolan Vulpix's run down happily. "Hey guys," Lillie picks them up. Then a Togepi comes out too, wanting to be picked up. "You too Angel?"

Lillie hold all three for a bit before leaving the happy Pokémon behind. The two continue back down, carefully searching for anymore Pokémon to stop and watch for a bit. "I hear Star and his friends coming," Ash chuckles.

Suddenly a horde of Minior come flying across the path with their swirly eyes and bright colours. Star is actually a shiny Pokémon, so he is a black colour and looks nothing like a star.

Ash and Lillie wave while they continue down the mountain. "I'm sure Sloprince is waiting at the bottom to throw them back up," Ash chuckles. "Sloking loves using his psychic powers."

"Let's hope Destroyer doesn't play tennis with them again," Lillie shakes her head. "That Weavile is a strange one for sure."

The two laugh while reminiscing the kind of fights they've had to break up over the years. Ludy and Coll kept playing tricks on each other with no mercy. The Zangoose and Seviper are an interesting for sure.

A buzzing sound fills their ears while their Ninjask flies by quickly to show off its increasing speed. "Looking good Juice," Ash smiles and he smiles back.

Kite runs through the path with its two parents trailing behind. "Having trouble keeping track of your child Pikachu?" Ash jokes. Pikachu and Umbreon had a baby Pichu recently and it has its fair share of energy to burn.

Pikachu shakes his head and runs after Kite with Umbreon. "You can see Lars over there," Lillie points through the trees. The Scrafty is enjoying a nice nap by itself. "And Olympian is watching closely." The Claydol's eye like colourings can be seen in the dark forest. Little did the two know, Arthur is also there but the Mimikyu is much better at hiding.

"And there's Rik," Ash points at the Flygon chasing Salamence. "I'm surprised Jeff isn't up there with them." Jeff, who is a Dragonite, is usually competing against the two daily.

It only took the two a few minutes to meet Addy who is running around with Meganium. The Sawsbuck loves accidentally pushing Pokémon together with his friend. Shipper.

A Teddiursa hops by happily without a care in the world. "Hey Baby," Lillie waves at the little beat Pokémon. She waves back happily and continues on its adventure through the forest.

An Infernape comes through a little later and stops by to say hi. Ciger isn't as battle hungry as the other Infernape But is strong nonetheless.

Ash and Lillie make it to flatter area where Tauros and Miltank are often found. A Tauros named Nate has actually battled for Ash before when he had to defend his champion title.

A Glameow waits for them where the path splits. "Hey Chat," Lillie says and pets the cat Pokémon. "Is Muhammad around?"

It nods and a Nosepass walks out slowly. It throws an arm out to wave before returning to his post.

Ash and Lillie laugh before walking up to their house. Ash feels someone poke his head and he looks at his wife amusingly. "What?" Lillie asks.

"Why'd you poke me?" Ash asks and Lillie looks at him confused. "Come on out Joshuott."

The Kecleon loses his disguise while laughing. He runs away happily. Suddenly Edi comes out of nowhere and trips the laughing Pokémon. The Aipom hops happily in front of the Pokémon.

Then Shadow comes out and smacks Aipom in the head. The Shiftry sighs and drags the two Pokémon back into the forest. "Krista must've lost control of them," Lillie giggles. "That Houndoom sure has her hands full."

Their Rowlet, Ranger, sits comfortably on their front porch while enjoying a nice nap. It nods its head to acknowledge her trainers before returning to a motionless state.

The two enter their cozy home and relax on the couch. "It's amazing what you've done Ash," Lillie sighs I'm in his arms. "You went from blindsided to champion."

Their lips connect passionately, both of them much happier than a Munchlax at a buffet.


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