A Shocker

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Lillie's POV

"My legs hurt," I whine. "All the walking from yesterday is kicking in."

"We still have to walk up this mountain," Ash laughs. "At least the road is paved."

"I don't know why though," I say as I trail behind Ash. "Wait do you hear that?"

It was rumbling noise and then it turned into a braking sound. I got a sudden burst of energy and sprinted past Ash.

I saw what I was hoping to see. A bus. "Wait! Ash hurry up." I yell. He caught up and we got onto the bus. "Now we don't have to walk."

"Based on that sprint, you could have walked perfectly fine up the mountain," Ash chuckles.

I shrug and look out the window. "That's Mount Lanakila over there," I point to the bigger mountain with a massive skyscraper on top.

"It looks snowy," Ash observes.

"Yeah it does," I agree. "Looks like it might be cold while you watch me win."

"Hopefully there's heaters since you made me get rid of my jacket," He sighs.

"I know you like the shirt," I say. "Look there's a different route up this mountain."

We could see a dirt path that winds a bit more than the road we're on. "It would be a good way to train."

"It would be," I mutter. Guess how we're going back down the mountain.

"We're there," The bus driver announced. We get off quickly and head to the observatory.

"Ash it's you," A guy with glasses and blonde hair exclaimed.

"Hey Molayne," Ash said and shook his hand. I'll have to ask Ash later.

"I'm Lillie," I say. "Do you where the trial is?"

"Yes this trial was the one I used to control," He informs us as we head to a back room.

"Cool who runs it now?" Ash asks.

"Sophocles," Molayne informed. The room we entered has electricity moving throughout it. There was a square machine in front of us that was connected to a TV.

"You must be Ash," An orange haired big but short kid said kind of arrogantly. "The boy who's clearing the trials with ease."

"Yep that's me," Ash sweat drops.

"Well that all ends here because you need smarts to pass my trial," Sophocles announced.

"It really is going to end here then," I joke. Ash glared at me but then laughs himself.

"She's probably right," Ash admitted. "But what do I have to do?"

"It's a puzzle using Charjabug," Sophocles announced and three of them appeared on the machine. "You have to use these four buttons to line them up and charge the computer like machine."

"Sounds easy," Ash says and steps up to the machine.

"Okay Charjabug first formation," Sophocles ordered. Ash walked up presses the bottom right button and they were all lined up.

"Did I cheat or something?" Ash questioned. "Because I didn't even mean to do that."

I giggled," You-"

"It's an emergency," a guy said urgently as he stormed into the room. Ash and I looked at each other and nodded. We ran out of the room and followed the guy outside. "See."

There was a stick on the outside of a the cliff with a rope tied to it. I followed the rope over the edge and a Ralts was holding on to it for his life.

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